Solar Devices Discounts and Coupons (2023 June)

Welcome to our Discounts and Coupons page! We understand that solar products can be an investment, which is why we’re thrilled to offer you exclusive deals on top brands like Bluetti, Renogy, Jackery and generic brands in Amazon.

We update these offers regularly, so be sure to check back often to find the best deals on the solar products you need. Happy shopping and save energy!

Disclaimer: Please ensure that you check all discount codes and the relevant discounts at the checkout page. If a code is expired or entered incorrectly, the checkout may not reflect the discount as expected. Further, we will earn a small commission when you purchase an item through our discount and coupon links mentioned below. There are helping us to maintain this website up to date.

Renogy Coupons & Deals

Title (Click to visit the relevant page)DescriptionCodeStart DateEnd Date
Renogy Day Affiliate 10% offThis coupon is for all categories and all countries. And minimum purchase should be 499.RDAY10AF06/01/2306/30/23
12% Off for inverter, battery and chargerThis coupon is valid for following model(s): RBT100LFP12S-AU RBT100LFP12-BT-AU RBT100LFP12SH-AU RBT200LFP12-BT-AU RBT2450LFP-AU RBB12400LFPL-0140SR-AU RBT2425LFP-AU RBT50LFP48S-AU RNG-BATT-LFP-12-170-AU RBC20A1P-AU RBC10A2P-AU R-INVT-PUH1-101235-AU R-INVT-PUH1-201235-AU R-INVT-PUH1-301235-AU R-INVT-PCL1-20123S-AU R-INVT-PCL1-30123S-AU RNG-DCC1212-20-AU RNG-DCC1212-40-AU RNG-DCC1212-60-AU-For UK market onlyRENOGYUK1205/22/2309/30/23
$100 Off for ilithium-iron-phosphate-batteryThis coupon is valid for following model(s): RBT50LFP48S-CA RBB12400LFPL-0140SR-CA RIV4835CSH1S-CA – For CA market onlypartnerdeal10005/22/2307/31/23
up to $50 Off for lithium-iron-phosphate-batteryThis coupon is valid for following model(s): RBT50LFP48S-US RBT2425LFP-US RBT2450LFP-US RNG-BATT-LFP-12-50-US RBC1260DO-12B-US – For US market onlylfpoffer05/22/2307/31/23
5% Off for Pure Sine Wave Inverter & Deep Cycle AGM BatteryThis coupon is valid for following model(s): RNG-BATT-AGM12-200-US RBT100GEL12-US R-INVT-PCL1-30111S-US RNG-INVT-2000-12V-P2-US R-INVT-PGH1-20111S-US – For US market only5offrng05/22/2307/31/23
15% Off Coupon for LyncanRenogy LycanLycan1511/04/22NEVER
5% Off Sitewiden/aWelcome508/24/2012/31/25
150usd off your purchase at Renogyn/a150usdOFF08/24/2012/31/25
10% off for Solar Itemsn/aRenogySolar1008/24/2012/31/25
$50 Off Coupon for Renogy One Smart Lifen/aONE5008/24/2012/31/25
$50 Off Coupon for Renogy One Smart Basicn/aONE5008/24/2012/31/25
$50 Off Coupon for Renogy Onen/aONE5008/24/2012/31/25
$20 Off Coupon for Renogy One Smart Energyn/aONE2008/24/2012/31/25
$20 Off Coupon for Renogy One Smart Basicn/aONE2008/24/2012/31/25
$20 Off Coupon for Renogy Onen/aONE2008/24/2012/31/25
300usd off your purchase at Renogyn/a300usdOFF08/24/2012/31/25
80usd off your purchase at Renogyn/a80usdOFF08/24/2012/31/25
50usd off your purchase at Renogyn/a50usdOFF08/24/2012/31/25
50usd off your purchase at Renogyn/a20usdOFF08/24/2012/31/25

Jackery Coupons & Deals

Title (Click to visit the relevant page)DescriptionCodeStart DateEnd Date
-$400 OFF for Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro Explorer 3000 Pro + SolarSaga 200 x 2Coupon code: DAD10 Original Price:$ 3,999.00 Discount Price:$3,599.00DAD1006/06/2306/12/23
-$100.00 OFF for Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power StationCoupon code: DAD20 Original Price:$ 499.00 Discount Price:$399.00DAD2006/06/2306/12/23
-$ 210.00 OFF for Jackery Solar Generator 1500 ProCoupon code: DAD210 Original Price:$ 2,099.00 Discount Price:$1,889.00DAD21006/06/2306/12/23
-$175 OFF for Jackery SolarSaga 200W Solar PanelCoupon code: DAD25 Original Price:$699.00 Discount Price:$524.00DAD2506/06/2306/12/23
-$300 OFF for Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power StationCoupon code: DAD27 Original Price:$ 1,099.00 Discount Price:$799.00DAD2706/06/2306/12/23
30% OFF for Jackery SolarSaga 80W Solar Paneln/aAFF80W05/30/2306/30/23
30% OFF for Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station30% OFF WITH COUPON: AFF240 Original Price:$ 239 Discount Price:$167.3AFF24005/30/2306/30/23
-$320 OFF for Jackery Solar Generator 3000 ProCoupon code: AFF3000PRO Original Price:$ 3,999.00 Discount Price:$3,679.08AFF3000PRO05/30/2306/30/23

Bluetti Coupons & Deals

Title (Click to visit the relevant page)DescriptionCodeStart DateEnd Date
$1 Off for Bluetti US All ProductsUse this promo code to save $1 on all Bluetti US purchasesbluettius104/19/2304/19/28
Bluetti EB70 716Wh/700W Portable Power Stationn/aEB70504/30/21NEVER

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