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How long do solar batteries last in outdoor lights?

Solar lights is a great and cheap alternative for outdoor lights. Once the solar panel is installed and the solar battery get charged, you will never have to deal with high electricity bills again. Solar lights also creates a pleasant vibe with their not so bright lights. But for how long can a solar battery power the outdoor lights?

Quite a number of reason play a part on how long the solar battery will last. Factors like the weather condition, type of battery and many other reasons that will be discussed in this article influence how long solar batteries will last before switch off. Let’s dive in!

How long do solar batteries last in outdoor lights?

Most solar appliances including lights are powered by energy collected from the sun. Since the sun is only available during the day, the solar battery acts as storage for excess charge harvested during the day. The stored charge is used during the night to light up our residence. So, what affects how long a solar battery will last in outdoor lights?

Weather condition plays a part in a smaller extent on how long solar batteries will last. This is how. The solar battery receives charge from a solar panel which collects sunlight energy during the day. During winter or for people who live in cold areas, the sun might not be reliable. If the battery does not charge well during the day, the outdoor lights will not last the whole night. Other factors include;

Battery Capacity

For a solar battery to last longer, the capacity of the battery should large than the amount of power used to light up the outdoor lights. If you have powerful and many outdoor lights, buy powerful batteries. Alternatively you can buy multiple solar batteries. 

Condition of the battery

The state of the battery determine how long it will last. Once you start using the solar battery, their quality starts deteriorating. So a battery that have been used for years will have hold very little amount of charge. It will also not last longer. A new battery that is not damaged will last longer  since a the parts are working effectively. 

Type of solar battery

There a couple of batteries each with different properties. It is common knowledge among people who own solar PV system that Lithium-ion batteries will hold power for long than lead-acid battery. 

Other factors that affect how long the solar battery last include;

  • Positioning of the solar panel
  • Amount of charge in the solar battery
  • Quality of a battery, and
  • How long the battery has been in storage. 

When all the conditions are as they should, a solar battery can last up to five days lighting the residence without going off.

How often do solar light batteries need to be replaced?

Solar lights batteries are designed to last up to 5-30 years without going bad. For this reason most solar battery companies offer a 10 years warranty to their clients. In case the solar battery gets defective within he given period, you can a replacement.

Take good care of your solar light batteries to make them last longer. Replace the solar batteries incase;

  • They have exhausted their life expectancy.
  • The solar battery do not hold power for long.
  • If the solar battery starts leaking.
  • When the battery do not charge completely.

Rechargeable solar batteries should be replaced within four years of use. This batteries are cheaper compared to the main solar battery. 

 How long do solar light batteries hold charge?

If the solar battery is in the right condition and charging well, a fully charged solar battery should last up to five days even if it is lighting up the outdoor lights overnight. This however varies depending on the;

  • Discharge rate of the battery.
  • Cyclic life of the battery
  • The output voltage and 
  • Type and brand if the solar battery. 

If a solar battery is used to power multiple appliances, it will not hold power for long. 

Why do outdoor solar lights stop working?

Solar power is a great alternative for expensive electricity. You can use solar energy to power your outdoor lights for years without ever being in dark. What might be the reason for the outdoor solar lights to stop working.

Outdoor solar lights might stop working if;

  • The solar battery is defective and it cannot hold charge for long.
  • If the solar panel is dirty or defective and cannot collect sunlight energy. 
  • Incase the solar sensor is not working and does not detect darkness.
  • Incase of faulty wires

Most of this issues can be fixed or avoided by regularly checking if all the components of a solar PV system are in the right condition. In case of a defective solar battery, solar sensor, and solar panel, have a replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the life expectancy of rechargeable solar batteries?

Rechargeable solar batteries last up to four Yeats without needing a replacement. This batteries do not get defective and they are cheap to replace. Y can get a pack of 10 rechargeable solar batteries for $200.

Is a solar light battery replacement expensive?

Solar batteries are quite expensive. During replacement you will only need to buy a solar battery unlike during the first time installation of the solar PV system. The price of the solar battery depends the brand, capacity and the type of battery. 

Can a Solar battery power a refrigerator?

No. A refrigerator requires constant flow of power during the day and night. Solar batteries cannot hold the power required to power a refrigerator. 

Can I leave the outdoor lights on a night?

Yes. A solar sensor us responsible of detecting sunlight during the day and switch off the lights automatically. The sensor detects darkness at night and switches on the lights.


With proper care, solar batteries in outdoor lights should be able to hold power for up to five days without dying. 

There s no need to switch off the lights at night. The solar sensor detects sunlight and switches off the lights in the morning. It also detects darkness at night and switch on the outdoor lights.

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