What does it mean when solar lights blink (solved)

By Matt •  Updated: 02/24/22 •  7 min read

Any of three things could be the reason for the solar light to flash.

  • The connection that connects the battery to the LEDs is frayed.
  • There is not enough charge in the battery (or it is empty). 
  • There is a flash mode on your lights.

A dirty solar panel could affect how quickly the solar battery charger is, so it’s essential to keep it clean. Remove all of the debris first from the solar cell. Make sure to charge the battery packs and let the lights charge for just a short time. It should sort out the problem.

Solar Inverter
Solar Inverter

How to fix the blinking problem

After a few years, the lights start blinking. It isn’t unusual, but it’s not good. Thus,it would help if you did a few things before figuring out what’s wrong: Dust and other things that aren’t clean can make it hard to charge. 

You can open the battery if that doesn’t work, and your solar panels keep flashing or don’t work at all. The rechargeable batteries that come with them are usually the primary source of problems. Please follow the following steps to fix the issue.

  1. Ensure your lamps are still working by replacing the old battery-powered solar battery packs with standard batteries that fully charge from another device. If you don’t know if they work,  keep your hand or even some paper and cover its solar panel on the device. It will make the lights come on when the device is on. 
  1. If the lights come on and are brighter and don’t blink, you need to change the batteries that came with them. Batteries that can charge are usually AAA or AA, and they can be present almost anywhere. To get a sense of what to expect, check out this article I wrote about sun jars.
  1. When you buy solar products, some people want to replace them right away. The production plant ones are usually of poor quality, and you get more power (light) out of better ones. They will last longer if you switch them out for NiMH batteries, so they’ll last longer. It will also take a long time to charge them fully.

Why do my solar lights come on during the day?

One of the most common reasons for solar light to turn on for a day is because the sensor is filthy or defective. The second most common cause for solar lights to turn on each day is an issue with the battery, regardless of whether the lights are chargeable or not.

Constantly check for an issue with the sensor first before resorting to the batteries for assistance. Because a dirty or defective sensor is the most frequent cause of solar lights turning on during the day, it is always good, to begin with, that component first. If you’re still experiencing issues, it’s most likely due to a faulty battery.

A faulty battery may cause a range of problems with your solar light, including but not limited to the following:

The battery will not keep a charge for an extended period. If the battery needs to be changed, you will observe that the solar light does not remain illuminated for an extended period after nightfall. Previously, you would have had sunshine for the whole night, but now you may have a few short hours or even that.

Because of the failing battery, the solar light comes on throughout the day. Occasionally, a dead or failing battery will begin to interfere with the general operation of the solar light, allowing it to turn on throughout the day when it does not intend to do so.

The solar light is entirely inoperative. When the batteries expire, we all understand what happens next: the product dies along with them. If you discover that the solar light is not functioning, this is a good indication that you may want a new battery for your solar light.

Why are my solar lights dim?

Several factors may contribute to the dimming of your solar light’s illumination. The most common of them is a lack of solar energy. In either case, the solar cells are not absorbing sufficient solar energy, or the lamp has burned out completely. There are many additional considerations; however, these two are the most straightforward to assess immediately.

It is preferable to have an ample supply of extra bulbs for the solar lights to guarantee that you are never without light. In this manner, if the bulb seems to be defective or outdated, you can replace it without having to make a trip to your local home improvement shop.

Like any other lamp device, a solar garden light will need a headlight bulb every few months, just like any other lamp product. Ensure that the bulb you purchase matches the one previously installed in your selected light since there might be some variance between bulbs.

How to get my solar lights to work again

Below listed earth three significant things to do to make your solar light work again

Restart the Display

Solar lights often don’t work because the plastic covering the solar panel gets cloudy, making it hard to see the light. Low-cost landscape lighting is an excellent example of this kind of thing. 

Clear nail polish can help remove the cloudiness after the plastic gets cleaned with a wet, soft cloth. It will help the solar panel get light again, recharge the solar light, and work properly. Allow the nail polish to dry completely before setting up the solar lamp so that its board gets enough sunlight.

Make sure that the battery is in good working order before you start

Solar lights that don’t work after you’ve cleaned them up may need new batteries. Behind the solar panel arrangement, batteries are away and out of sight most of the time. A small screwdriver can open the container and look inside the device. A single AA battery may be built into it when the machine gets made. If the battery receives broken, buy a new one of the same kind.

Examine the lighting

When you turn on and off the solar light a lot, make sure that the switch is wholly turned to the “on.” At the bottom of the light capsule or under the golden cap. Some models’ hats can get turned counterclockwise, which will free them from their transparent plastic housings and let you reach the switch. It will allow you to get to it. Light up a spot where it will get direct sunlight for a long time. Then cover the solar panel with your palm and see if the light works.

The lamp could also become wet, damaging the electrical connections connecting the panel to the light and looking rusty. You probably won’t be able to fix outdoor solar lights that have stopped working because of a lot of rust. So, you’ll have to get new ones put in instead.

The wiring of your solar lights, like that of your fairy lights, should be checked to make sure it is still in good shape. It has been known for animals to get their teeth into the wire. In some cases, you may be able to temporarily secure the light string wire by taping bare spots on each section of the line with electrical tape.

Final Words

Have you had a set of outdoor panels that don’t work, and you don’t know what’s wrong with them? Even though solar lights can withstand the weather, when it rains or snows, they can still be affected or cause issues, which many people have seen. However, this does not mean that their value has gone away completely.


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