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what is solar battery backup?

Solar energy is one of the cleanest and cheap form of energy. Energy from the sun is collected in form of photons by the solar panel and converted into electricity by the inverter and used to light up your residence. A solar panel does not store excess energy from the sun. This is where a solar battery backup comes in. 

A solar battery backup stores excess energy collected by the solar panel for when need arise. Solar battery backups come in different capacities and capabilities. I will explain to you why owning a solar battery backup for your solar PV system is important in this article. you will also be able to choose the right solar battery backup for your home by the end of the article..

what is solar battery backup?

No matter how powerful your solar panel is, it cannot store energy for future use. Since the sun is not that reliable, it would help if you have a solar battery backup. 

During the day, the solar panel harvest energy from the sun. Most solar panels do not have a power storing capability. A solar battery backup is useful for storing excess energy to be used to power appliances and our residence. How long the stored power last depends on your power usage rate. 

Why should I get a solar battery backup?

Only a few solar panels have the capability to store excess energy. If your solar panel cannot store energy, you should install a solar battery. 

  • A solar battery backup can be used to control the amount of power you use at home. 

If you have very many appliances, your electricity bill might be on the roof. Installing a solar PV system and getting a solar battery can help you reduce huge electricity bills. You can charge your appliances during the day and light up your garden at night with the stored energy. 

  • Excess energy stored in the solar battery can be use to light up your home in case of emergencies. 

Since there is no sun during the night, the stored energy will be used to light up your compound. 

  • Solar battery backups last longer. Once you buy a solar battery you can use it for 5-25 years without replacement. This makes them cost efficient. You will still need to take good care of your solar battery. 

If your battery does not work as expected, you can take advantage of warranty from manufacturers. Most manufacturers offer up to 10 years warranty period.

How to choose the best solar battery back up?

Choosing the right solar battery backup is not that complicated. There are quite several brands that offer high quality solar batteries backup. However, there are things you must consider when choosing a solar battery backup. 

  • Battery capacity

Solar battery capacity is rated in Amps-hours. The rating of the battery means the number of cycles the battery has to charge before charging fully. Solar batteries with a large capacity will take more time to fully charge and also last longer.

  • Cost

It is always said cheap is expensive. Low quality solar batteries are cheap and do not last longer. They have faulty wires and poorly assembled components. Your solar battery might end up exploding on you. 

Invest on a high quality solar battery backup to enjoy free energy from the sun for long. 

  • Lifespan of a solar battery backup

The technology used to design solar battery determine how long it will last. A battery that last longer is resistant to heat, and cold. There are three factors that you can use to determine the longevity of battery; Depth of discharge, cyclic life and temperature. 

Other factors you should consider when choosing the right solar battery backup for your home are;

  • Type of solar battery
  • Your power usage rate.
  • Round trip efficiency 
  • Brand and warranty.

How long can a solar battery backup be used?

There are a lot of factors that affect how long your solar battery backup last. For example if your power usage is high, then your battery discharges fast. 

A standard solar battery backup can last up to 5days without getting drained. Place the solar panel on an open space for maximum sunlight exposure. 

A solar battery backup can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance.

Guide to install a solar battery back up

Installing a solar battery backup is not very hard. This video will act as an introduction for when you are installing a solar battery backup. 

There are a few things you should know when installing your solar battery backup.

  • Installing the whole solar PV system the same time will reduce the cost.
  • Ensure the installers are accredited.
  • Ask for documentations in case of warranty issues.
  • Check everything is done as it should. A misstep might cost you.

Finally after installation, give your solar battery backup three days to charge fully before you start using it to power your home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a solar battery backup worthy?

A solar battery backup is used to store the excess energy  harvested from the sun. You can use the stored energy to power your home in case of emergencies.

Can a solar battery cause fire?

If you do not use solar battery monitors and controllers, your solar battery can overcharge and cause a fire. 

How long does a Solar battery backup last?

The lifespan of most solar batteries range between 5-30 years. You should however take good care of your solar batteries.

Do solar panels store energy?

Most solar panels collects energy from the sun but do not have the capability to store the excess energy. You should get a high quality solar battery backup for the purpose of storing energy.


Getting a solar battery backup for your solar lighting system will be helpful during emergencies. 

To enjoy the experience for a lifetime, invest in a high quality solar battery backup. Regular maintenance will also increase the lifespan of your solar battery. I hope the guide has been helpful as you take your first step to enjoying free energy from the sun.

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