Matthew Joseph Nandirio

Eng. Matthew Joseph_founder and author of walkingsolar
Matthew Joseph

Matthew Joseph Nandirio is the founder & main author of Walkingsolar.

He is an electrical and electronic engineer who has a heightened enthusiasm for solar technologies.

He has completed his electrical & electronic engineering degree at the University of Houston.

After graduating from the University of Houston in 2002, matt started working as an electrical and electronic engineer for several multi-national solar energy companies.

He has a wide range of experiences including solar system requirement analysis, planning, maintaining, debugging, and even solar device development through research.  

Matt has been an electronic enthusiast since his childhood. He has had an incredible amount of fun exploring various electronic projects.

Even today, he regularly tests different electronic devices, works on DIY electronic projects and explores new technologies.

In order to spread his extensive knowledge and experiences, he has several blog sites, including this one.

Matt mainly wants to share reviews and guidelines regarding solar power products. He wants people to use solar energy to lead to a toxin- and pollution-free world.

Further, he is also the author of two books on Solar Technology, “Solar Power for Villages” and “DIY Solar System for Dummies”.