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WalkingSolar always inspires people through its write-up to use solar renewable energy like different solar power gadgets to lower greenhouse effects and global warming. Solar power is not only energy. More importantly, it provides greater electricity grid security and makes your home go off the grid. 

At WalkingSolar, we aim to provide time-saving tips and guidelines for buying and using solar power electronic devices. Our experts research the market in-depth and find the best products for our readers. We believe accurate information adds value to our website viewers.

Walkingsolar Thrives For Solar Energy!

So, how do we select high-quality solar-power electronic gadgets? We collect information from different sources such as top competitive websites, online magazines, salespersons, and other authentic collections.

Then, we carefully sort out the best ones and research them extensively. Testing is vital for solar gadgets to measure the panel performance and highlight developing problems. That’s why we try out these solar electronics for several days to provide the best

WalkingSolar Objective

We aim to provide accurate and trustful solar-related information free of charge. Our key objective is to give our readers more valuable info about various types of solar-based devices.

All we care about is offering the most practical suggestions to add value to their life. Saving time and money for our website visitors is also part of our goal.

WalkingSolar: History

WalkingSolar started this blog on 21st January 2020 to give valuable resources based on our years of experience. Day by day, we are helping an increasing number of people. In 2021, our site had reached 25000 visitors each month.

But nowadays we are helping more than 70,000 visitors per month to improve their knowledge of solar. This site is specially focused on various solar power gadgets such as 100-watt & 200-watt solar panels, solar watches, solar inverters, solar lights, solar keyboards, etc.     

How does Walkingsolar Stand Out?

If you have a great passion for solar energy, WalkingSolar can be one of the best websites to educate yourself about all solar-related things. Our site is so rich in information that you will get unlimited details on various aspects of solar energy.

Apart from reviewing different types of solar power products, we tell our readers how to choose and take care of solar panels. After all, our experts know the best ways to protect and clean these solar devices.

WalkingSolar: How We Do Research And Testing

At WalkingSolar, we thrive on exploring various types of solar gadgets. We review solar power products based on our deep research and personal testing. For all the latest and updated articles we publish on our website, we follow this approach.

WalkingSolar does not review any products for money. Our product recommendation lists and buying guides are free from any paid placements. However, we will earn a small commission if a reader purchases an item recommended on our website through the link. It will benefit us to maintain this free knowledge website and continue testing new products for our readers.

Our Process

The articles we publish on our site are the straight views of the maker of the products. The people who work as a group on our websites have in-depth knowledge about solar energy technology, including solar radiation, concentrating solar-thermal power (CSP), photovoltaics (PV), and grid integration.

Apart from hiring regular writers for our websites, we often hire content writers who have personal experiences in particular relevant fields. After all, they have spent a significant amount of time learning everything in detail. Hence, our readers can expect to get real-life suggestions from genuine experts to select the best solar power device.     

After using these for a reasonable period, we sort out all the information we write and pick the most important details that our readers need. If required, we sometimes test solar products by top-level experts to become 100% sure and provide more accurate information.

Therefore, our website viewers get clear, helpful, and depth of knowledge from our website content. All these efforts give valuable output for our readers. Our main motto is inspiring people to use renewable energy and helping everyone to create a green world with minimal pollution.

Gear and Revenue

Like regular people, we purchase various solar power products from multiple reliable online and physical shops. However, some manufacturers provide us with a few newly released products. This allows us to go for deep testing before they are available in the market thoroughly. Hence, you can get quick reviews of the products and make the final purchase or skip them.

But please be informed that we don’t work for any manufacturing company. We are an independent organization. Our team members don’t get any personal profit from reviewing any products from any particular brand. We always try to give a candid opinion and honest criticism. All we care out giving 100% accurate information for a practical buying decision.

We earn revenues when you buy anything from mentioned product links. WalkingSolar generally encourages you to purchase through our given links. This helps us to make some money and use it for further product testing in the future. However, we don’t want our readers to be disappointed. Our high standard of work ensures the most helpful and accurate information.

About Walkingsolar: Who we are

We are atWalkingsolar and have a small team that is always dedicated to thriving, using, and testing various types of solar power devices. Our experts spend countless hours trying different products in every possible way.

We don’t just randomly pick products and deliver cheap reviews. After all, we know this won’t add value to our readers’ lives. This will lead to a loss in readership. When reviewing any solar power items, we consider several points: customers’ reviews, expert reviews, specifications & warranty details, price lists from top-selling websites, etc.

Founder: Matthew Joseph Nandirio

Matthew Joseph Nandirio is the founder of Walkingsolar. He is an electronic engineer who has a heightened enthusiasm for solar technologies. Matt has been an electronic enthusiast since his childhood. He has had an incredible amount of fun exploring various electronic projects.

 he electronic engineer is highly addicted to the electronic world. He regularly tests different electronic devices, works on DIY electronic projects, and explores new technologies. In order to spread his extensive knowledge and experiences, he has several blog sites, including this one.

Matt mainly wants to share reviews and guidelines regarding solar power products. He wants people to use solar energy to lead a toxin- and pollution-free world. He aims to keep the world and its people fresh, clean, and happy.

Chief Editor: Dr. Dinu Sri Madusanka

Dinu Sri Madusanka (aka Dr. HTDS Madusanka) is the chief editor of the Walkingsolar website. He has completed his BSC degree in electronic and information computing systems. Also, the enthusiastic electronic person took a doctorate degree from Wayamba University of Sri Lanka,

The chief editor has been with the Walkingsolar from the very beginning. He has been working tremendously and making valuable contributions to publishing high-quality articles for readers. This tech guy studies various solar and electronic technology and tries many of the latest solar power gadgets to share his real-life experience using the products.

Dr. Dinu Sri has worked on various innovative solar projects, including solar panel energy optimization, thin film solar fabrications, solar energy measurement systems, sun-tracking solar panels, and solar energy auto irrigation systems. This makes him an expert in the solar technology world.

Editor: Kathryn Robinson

Kathryn Robinson is another editor of the WalkingSolar website. She has completed her bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. This electrical engineer is specialized in designing solar and photovoltaic systems. Currently, she has been working in a multinational company as well as writing for our website. Her dedication to writing adds valuable output to our site.

She has a good understanding and experience working on various solar projects. Working on different solar-based jobs helped him boost his knowledge and learn many necessary technical terms. She has been writing top-notch quality content to help her regular and potential readers to choose the best solar products according to their home or office requirements.  

Walkingsolar: A Credible & Trustable Website

Walkingsolar always strives to give unbiased and valuable information to its readers. We believe our write-up can positively impact the lives of our website viewers. Our high-quality writing will provide you with a clear and delightful reading experience. After all, we don’t include any irrelevant and cheap information that will force our readers to leave the site quickly

We don’t review products from outside influences. Instead, we do market research to choose the most valuable solar power devices and review them honestly and authentically. Our expert writers serve people through compelling write-ups. They take enough time to test products and review them from real-life experience.

If you have any queries regarding anything related to website content, feel free to reach us. We wish to make a regular relationship with our readers through our engaging articles. You can contact us (walkingsolar@gmail.com) or connect with us through social media on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We are always there for you to answer any relevant to our website.

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