11 Things You Can Do with 100W Solar Panel

There are many ways you can use the 100 Watt solar panel in your daily life. Here are some solutions that fit your need for a portable solar panel.

1. Power your home equipment:

One of the best options to use the 100-watt portable solar panel is to power your home equipment. 

During the day, when you are not at home, the rooftop solar panel will keep generating power, and it will be stored in the backup battery pack. 

The stored power would be ready to use in the nighttime when the grid power is costly during the peak time. 

The power stored in the batteries would be sufficient to charge your Smartphone, run the home appliance, fan, etc. 

2. Energy source during camping:

When you go camping, there will be no resources to power your essential equipment. You may have to rely on external sources such as solar power. 

Using the portable solar panel could give you sufficient energy to power the batteries. 

The batteries would perform like your life source at night to power your equipment types, charge your phones, charge your iPad, and carry the electric car, and then some high voltage batteries could power your car. 

3. Charge your Electric car:

Carry your power station with you when you are on long-distance travel. The electric car can be powered using the solar power system. 

It is essential to know that solar power cars are easy to charge using a solar panel. 

The batteries used in the car could get the solar panel’s energy juice, and you can achieve the extra mile during the day. 

4. Home Appliance:

The home appliance requires less power to run than the large electric equipment. Especially the kitchen electric appliances are easy to charge using the portable solar panel. 

You can place the portable 100-watt solar panel in your backyard or rooftop to generate power during the day. 

Connect the solar panel cable to the inverter to store the power. The inverter will keep storing the energy every day, which will be available in the home.

5. Emergency power equipment:

In the region where the natural disaster strikes frequently, the local power grid may shut down to avoid damage to the properties due to fire. 

In such regions, the 100-watt portable solar panel could work as a lifesaver for the people living in the area. The cycle or the heavy rain may block the street of the main cities.

The portable solar panel can help people generate electricity and charge their vital types of equipment and electric devices such as smartphones to communicate with their loved ones. 

Carrying the portable solar panel is straightforward. 

The private and government institute can supply the equipment in emergencies and help the people trapped in the remote area with a sufficient electricity supply. 

The electricity could help people run the heater in a cold environment, get hot water, cook food, and light the survival camp night.

6. Street lights:

Street lights can be powered using a 100-watt solar panel. The compact design allows installing it quickly in a small space. 

Each 100-watt solar panel could produce sufficient energy to help the cities power the street lights. 

During the day, when the switches are off, the solar panel generates the required energy under the direct sun. 

At night as soon as the sunset, the automatic street lights will power on using the stored powered batteries.

7. Use during the fishing:

The fisherman can carry the portable solar panel with them when they go to the deep sea to catch the fish. 

The portable solar panel could power the equipment available on the boat. Help you recharge your GPS and other essential equipment while away from the city. 

The solar panel could be a lifesaver while in the deep sea. You can use your Smartphone powered by a solar panel to send an emergency message.

8. Help villages power their house:

The portable solar panel can be used to power the village’s home. You can install the portable solar panel on the roof and connect it to the inverter. It will allow the villages located far from the cities to use electricity and improve their lifestyle.

9. Power your router:

The electricity generated through the solar panel can be used to power your wifi router. The wifi connection needs a full day of electricity. 

If your local grid fails, you can use the stored power in the inverter to power your router. 

You will never have experience of wifi connectivity problems once you start using the solar panel.

10. Power your security camera:

The growing demand for security cameras has increased the electricity demand as well. 

The security camera runs 24×7 and captures everything that comes into its view. The dedicated security camera types of equipment and machines are used to keep the device running all the time. 

It is putting a load on the home power grid. This is one of the pieces of equipment that requires a dedicated power source full time. 

You cannot turn them off. Imagine every home has a security camera in the town running 24×7. It would consume way more energy than all other equipment power consumption in the house.

The portable solar panel would help you reduce the stress on the home grid and power your security camera without needing an external electric supply. 

It will reduce the electricity bill, and your security system will always be active without needing the grid power supply. 

Even in the case of a power cut in the city for several days, your security camera will be active and running all the time using solar power energy.

11. Light your garden:

Many homes put decorative lights in the garden to enhance the house’s aesthetic. You can have solar panel-powered lighting in the garden. 

During the day, the solar panel will store the energy in the inverters. As the sunset, the automatic system would detect the darkness, and it will light up the garden with colorful lights. 

You do not need to connect your garden lights to the primary grid. The system will run automatically on solar-powered batteries. Once it is set up, it runs without requiring much effort.

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