Can a Solar battery be charged with electricity?

By Matt •  Updated: 05/03/21 •  5 min read

Yes. You can charge a Solar battery with the electricity. It is not preferable to use the regular power grid due to power losses. Use only in the emergency. The local power grid supply AC converted from the DC. The conversion process will dissipate a good amount of energy. 

Are there any batteries that can be charged both on electricity and solar?

Modern batteries are highly efficient and come with a dual charging facility. You can charge the battery with the local power grid. Also, they are easy to charge with solar energy. 

Solar Inverter
Solar Inverter

The battery chargers moderate the flow of the electrons from the higher to lower voltage. When the voltage slightly higher than the EMF, the electrons are flowing back and forth from the cathode to the anode. 

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Ultimately the energy supply matters when you want to charge the batteries. Whether you connect solar array or grid supply, it doesn’t matter what source you use to charge your battery. 

You have to ensure that the appropriate voltage passes through the cable to recharge the battery in safe mode. 

Solar batteries are known for the slower discharge rate. When you charge the batteries, they store the power for later use. The thicker plates are used to reduce the depletion rate of the battery. 

The sola battery can optimize discharge rate and be used in the lower voltage cutoff level.

Can I charge my solar battery with electricity?

Yes. It is possible to charge the solar batteries with electricity. However, there are certain things that you should know before you charge the solar batteries with electricity. 

1) You will be charging the batteries from the local grid. You are not using it to run any equipment, but powering another battery will cost you more.

2) The power grid would have AC power and not DC power. When you connect the batteries, you must know that you are not trying to charge the inverters, and it won’t work. 

You may have to convert the AC to DC to charge the inverter. Again the method will lose some of the energy in the process, which is an inefficient way to charge any battery.

3) The battery would take some time to charge, depending on the density provided fully. It would help if you considered when you decided to charge the battery using the local power grid.

4) When the battery is connected to the power grid, you are fixing the charging time and not considering the renewable power from the solar panels.

Is it good to charge the solar battery with electricity?

This charger can be used with Energizer batteries to recharge

Owning a solar battery and charging it with the electricity would have not to point in having them in the first place. Solar batteries are designed to store power from renewable energy.

Charging them using the local grid would increase your electricity consumption and add the additional charges on the top of your electricity grid. 

Also, the depletion rate of the batteries during the charging could cause the loss of energy which makes the whole system inefficient.

Even if your region has low electricity charges, still charging the solar batteries would not be a viable solution. 

The general principle states charge the batteries with the solar first. The objective of manufacturing solar batteries is to move towards sustainable energy.

The local grids produce energy from non-renewable sources such as nuclear power plant.

With solar energy, you no need to store the power for an extended period as you will be getting the same amount of energy every day. 

In case the supply is not available, then charge the solar battery with the available solar energy, and then connect with the gird for remaining charging.

It will ensure that the batteries are fully charged for the downtimes.

When to charge the solar battery with a power grid?

Alternatively, charge the batteries using the local power grid in case of the low tariff at a particular time of the day. In some regions, the grid power tariff is low at night when demand is low. Charging batteries with a cheaper power supply would be beneficial to some extend. 

Also, there are possibilities that the PV cannot supply a sufficient amount of energy during the day.

There will be several reasons behind the low power supply. In those days, you can connect the solar batteries to the local grid and fully charge the battery for the night.

Solar plus inverter could reduce the strain on the local power grid. Also, you will have a renewable energy source to power your home equipment.

Over time the solar power panel would generate a sufficient amount of energy to power the entire home.

Your dependence on the local grid will be reduced, and your home will be run on a 100% renewable energy source.

Do you have to charge solar batteries before use?

Generally, you do not have to charge the solar batteries before use. The day sunlight would power up the batteries. In few hours, there will be sufficient charge to charge your solar-powered equipment or lights.

The charging requires when you are using the batteries first time in the night. 

The new batteries would have a low charge or maybe fully depleted. In this case, you may have to use the battery charger to charge the rechargeable batteries using the local power grid.

The charging may take some time. So ensure that you prepare for this.


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