Can a solar battery be repaired?

The question of whether a solar battery can be repaired is a pressing concern for many solar lighting system owners. If you’ve found yourself frustrated by your solar battery’s performance, you’re not alone. This comprehensive guide aims to answer this question directly: Yes, a solar battery can often be repaired, depending on various factors such as the battery’s condition and the nature of the issue.

Firstly, let’s address the elephant in the room. Solar batteries can become faulty for a multitude of reasons, from simple neglect to more complex issues like chemical reactions. However, not all is lost. Techniques such as adding distilled water, cleaning terminal coatings, and proper charging can often revive a dying battery. But it’s crucial to note that a completely dead battery is beyond repair and requires replacement.

Transitioning to the next point, it’s essential to understand the signs of a faulty battery. These can range from poor charging to a reduced ability to store charge. In some cases, you might even notice physical indicators like leaks or discoloration. Recognizing these signs early can save you both time and money.

Moreover, the article delves into the reasons behind solar battery failure. Negligence tops the list, but other factors like defective solar panels and poor setup also contribute. By the end of this guide, you’ll not only know how to identify and fix issues with your solar battery but also how to prevent them through proper maintenance.

Can a solar battery be repaired?

A solar battery can become faulty because of various reasons. One of the reasons might be as a result of your negligence. You need to take good care of your battery for it to last longer. In case you notice the battery is not charging properly, or discharging at a high rate. Your battery might be dying.

Here is how you repair a solar battery;

Low fluid level

Your solar battery might be having an issue because the fluid is depleted or below the required amount. 

If that is the case, add distilled water inside the battery. Do not pass the marked line. Putting excess distilled water will cause a spillage. 

Clean the battery

Your battery might be having issues from a coating formed by a chemical reaction on the terminals. 

In that case, have a deep clean to remove the coating. You will also need to replace the fluid during a deep clean.

Proper charging

Charging a solar battery is one of the useful battery revival techniques. If the battery is drained completely,  connect it to the solar panel and leave it to charge for 72 hours. 

These are some simple methods you can use to revive a dying battery. You should however know that a battery that is entirely dead cannot be repaired. A replacement is needed in that case. 

Can you recharge a dead solar battery?

A solar panel primary function is to charge a solar battery. Most of the time the solar panel will be maintaining the charge in the battery rather than charge a dead battery. It is however possible to recharge a solar battery in case;

  • The battery is in serviceable condition

You might think your battery is dead but it is only drained. The only solution for a dead battery is a replacement. 

If your battery is drained, then you can leave the battery connected to the solar panel for at least 72 hours. Ensure you are using solar battery controllers when charging the battery for that long.

  • The solar panel and the battery have the same voltage

If the solar battery and panel are from the same manufacturer, there is a likelihood they have the same voltage. The solar panel can therefore charge the solar battery in that case. 

  • If there is enough supply of sunlight energy

During hot days, the solar panel can harvest sufficient energy to charge your solar battery. This is when both the battery and the panel are in good condition. 

  • When using a solar charge controller

Solar charge controllers improve the performance of the solar panel. A solar battery maintainer and a solar trickle charge harvest sunlight energy to charge even a dead battery.  

If you are using solar charge controllers its impossible for your battery to drain completely. 

How can you tell if a solar battery is bad?

If you are not knowledgeable about solar batteries, then it might be hard for you to tell the battery is bad. However, indicators of a bad are straightforward. 

  • Your battery is not charging properly

The solar battery cannot store charge for long. A fully charged battery can last up to four days of service.

  • If there is a pool of liquid at the base of the battery. This indicates a leak.
  • Discoloration.
  • If the battery has bulged outside. 
  • Explosion or a fire.
  • In case the battery cannot charge even when all other devices like solar panel are in the right condition.

What causes solar battery fail?

The first reason that might cause your solar battery to fail is negligence. If you ignore your battery for long, it will eventually cost you heavily. Your solar battery might be overcharging without your knowledge. Other factors that cause your solar battery to fail include;

  • A defective solar panel and solar battery sensor.
  • Poor quality solar lighting system.
  • Not using a solar charge controllers.

Wrong set up which might be draining your battery.

These are just but a few reasons. There are other indicators that show your solar battery is failing. 

How to get most out of solar batteries

Using solar energy to light up your residence is a lifetime investment. You will never have to part with any coin as electricity bills. To enjoy a longtime supply of the free energy, you should take good care of your solar battery. Below are four ways you can use to get most out of your solar battery.

  1. Charge the battery properly during the day

Solar batteries only charge during the day when there is sunlight energy. Ensure your solar panel is exposed to the sun. You should also use your solar appliances during the day when the battery is charging. 

  1. Use only one appliance at once

You can charge a phone and other low power appliances during the day. For the big appliances, you should use one at a moment. For example do not connect the washing machine and take a shower simultaneously.

  1. Regularly check the condition of your home solar system

Checking if all the components of a solar lighting system is working properly at all times will save you a lot of frustration. Fix any issue you find and clean your solar panel.

  1. Use apps to monitor your solar lighting system

The latest solar lights can be monitored digitally. Providers like Powershop offers services that can help you monitor the use of your solar lighting system. You can check the current fed to the battery, and the charge level of the battery. You can check at what time your battery receives an overflow of power. You might decide to set up the washing machine to run when there is an overflow.

How long does a solar battery charge last? 

A fully charged battery will last up to 4 days of service if the battery is in good condition.

How long does a solar panel charge a drained battery?

It will take 5-8 hours to charge a drained battery when there is sufficient supply of sunlight energy.

 How often should I clean my solar panel?

If you live in dusty area, you should wipe the solar panel frequently. However, proper cleaning should be done once or twice an year.

How often should I replace rechargeable batteries?

Rechargeable batteries last up to 4 years without need to replace.

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