Citizen Eco Drive Battery Dead | Solutions

Citizen Eco-Drive watches are likely to have a longer lifespan. However, sometimes, your watch may be out of charge, which means you are probably going to have a dead watch.

Well, don’t be panicked, here in this article, I will tell you how to charge your dead Eco-Drive watch. So, stick with the article!

How do you get your Citizen Eco-drive to watch to work again?

If your Citizen Eco-drive watch isn’t working it means that the power reserve of your watch is getting low. Therefore, all you need to do is fully recharge the watch by exposing directly to the light.

Well, in this case, if your watch stops working completely, it may not work properly even if it is fully charged with natural bright lights. Thus, you may experience that your watch will start to perform an erratic operation by continually moving the second hand.

So, if you see that the second hand of the Eco-drive watch is moving in 2-second intervals even after it is fully charged, then you need to reset the watch completely. Here, your watch will go for the Time Reset Warning mode.

But for this, the 2 hitching movements things should have happened. The one is if you set the correct time of your watch after it is partially recharged, it will go for 2-step hitch movements. It means that your watch needs to be recharged more.

So, when you continue charging, it will set the correct time. And also, when your watch is sufficiently charged, it will automatically return to the regular second step.

However, if the time of your watch is not set even after it has been sufficiently charged, it will remain in the Time Reset Advisory mode until the time is accurately set. Once it is done, it will return to the regular one-second step movement again.

Here, one thing you have to remember is that the amount of recharging time depends on your watch caliber number which is instructed in your manual book. Besides, all reset steps also vary on your Eco-Drive watch model.

How do you charge your dead Citizen Eco-Drive watch?

All right, in short, the easy answer to this question is you need to expose your dead Citizen Eco-Drive watch to light directly to charge it.

As you may know, the Eco-Drive watch comes with a rechargeable cell. So, to charge your watch, this cell needs to be recharged. And, for this, you have to expose the watch dial directly to sunlight or artificial bright light like fluorescent lamps.

To ensure the optimal performance of your watch, it is recommended to charge your Eco-Drive watch for at least around 5-6 hours once a month. So, you can avoid this dead watch issue.

However, if you experience that your watch starts to operate erratically due to lack of power, you have to fully charge the watch by putting it directly under the bright light, it can be both natural and artificial light.

Well, if the watch loses its power and stops ticking completely, you have to go for the All Reset procedure of your watch as instructed in your watch instruction book manual.

However, ensure that you have done this before you set the time. By doing so, you will notice a starting point just after your watch has lost all the reserve power.

Moreover, before setting your watch, you also need to be sure that it is sufficiently charged and starts to move in its normal one-second increment mode.

Yet, some Eco-Drive watch models offer some incredible features such as power save function, a quick start feature, a low-charge warning option, etc. So, you can be aware of this before your watch is dead, and also take the necessary steps.

Well, to use your watch on a regular basis and avoid the dead watch issue, you should fully charge your watch. Here, the following are the estimated and approximate charging times of your Eco-Drive watch, which you need to follow to recharge the watch.

Sources of lightEnvironmental criteriaLevel of Illuminance (lux)Approximate charging time needed for 1-day useApproximate charging time needed for a full charge
Natural lightSunny day100,000 luxApprox. 4 minApprox. 30 hours
Natural lightCloudy10,000 luxApprox. 12 minApprox. 45 hours
Artificial lightFluorescents Lamp (30W-20cm)3,000 lux  Approx. 40 min  Approx. 150 hours  

General Reset Guide for Eco-Drive Watches

To perform a “reset” to get it to start charging again. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the reset button (usually located on the back of the watch) until the second hand starts to move.
  2. Continue holding the reset button until the second hand reaches the 12 o’clock position.
  3. Release the reset button and the watch should start charging.

If the reset procedure does not work, it is possible that the watch may need to be serviced by a professional.

How to restart a citizen eco drive watch?

  1. Restarting process is the same as recharging the citizen eco drive watch
  2. First, you have to put your watch under direct sunlight.
  3. Once the watch is charged, it will automatically restart.
  4. The charging time can be reduced rapidly if you can pull out the watch crown.

Do Eco-Drive watches die?

Usually, the Citizen Eco-Drive watch seems like it will never die and lasts forever. Although making such a claim is pretty much true, it offers a highly specialized energy storage cell known as a capacitor.  And, this capacitor has a longer lifespan of up to 40 years.

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