How Long Do Solar Keyboards Last?

Are you also a part of the IT industry? Have you seen how much-advanced technology has gotten? You can now use solar energy, which is sunlight, to charge your appliances like geysers, lamps, calculators, and even cars. When it comes to computer peripherals, solar mouse, and solar keyboards have become such a big thing.

Nobody could have imagined before using sunlight as a source of energy which turns out to be cost-efficient. IT industry accepts this new wave as it supports their finances and does not burden them. Like any other tech., solar keyboards are made exactly to support our environment and reduce the potential problems it creates.

This article talks about how long these solar keyboards can last on being charged once, and we will see how it’s better than its alternatives for the environment. Let us read this further to know more about it.

Quick Answer

After reviewing more than 100 reviews and with our personal experiences, the solar keyboard could last 4 to 6 years without much issue.

What are solar keyboards?

It is a new wireless keyboard that reduces power consumption and eliminates the hassle of changing and recharging batteries together by using the energy from the sun.

Logitech was the first solar keyboard ever made that used sunlight to charge the keyboard and then easily used for at least three months. However, these days Logitech K760 is the newly launched wireless solar keyboard that can work on either solar energy or ambient light.

How long can you use solar keyboards?

The solar keyboards do not use batteries or have removable batteries. Therefore, you must be thinking about how you can use the keyboard for a longer period without charging it again and again.

Logitech keyboards can be powered by solar energy for at least three months, and it also has an on/off button that would save energy when it is not being used.

Also, the company provides you with a copy of the Solar App, a desktop app that has a lux meter that tells you about the battery level; it also gives you a battery drain alert. It even recognizes what areas will give you the best power to charge the keyboard.

The Logitech K760 has a new feature in which you can charge the solar keyboard in the sunlight or under any ambient light like a lamp. The lamp should be ambient enough for the keyboard’s solar panel to catch the light.

You can also use this in a dark area once it is charged fully. You can also use this in ambient light without actually charging it, so that means you can conveniently use it without waiting for it to charge.

The longevity in the performance of the solar keyboard is unmatched as its features are highly unique, and you will not find it anywhere in the world. These solar keyboards were made keeping in mind that the world could use a renewable material that does not harm the environment.

How do you charge a solar keyboard?

The solar keyboard is powered by sunlight, but it can work in absolute darkness for up to three months with a full charge. Since it is PVC-free and has a recyclable feature, it does not leave any carbon print.

For your convenience, the solar keyboard gives you a hassle-free performance by charging itself through the solar panels integrated into the keyboard. Therefore, you don’t need a charging cable or a battery for it.

All you need to do is place the keyboard under the sunlight to charge while working. You can also power the keyboard through indoor lights, but they have to be bright enough. You can check the power levels through the solar app that is given free with the keyboard.

You can also see how fast it drains on the app. If you want to see why you’re unable to run your solar keyboard, refer to this video.

Why are solar keyboards better than others?

There are just too many reasons to buy a solar keyboard because of all the benefits you receive from it. Let’s look at it one by one.

Manual keyboards work with a cable cord and electricity, whereas a solar keyboard doesn’t. It charges once and then can be used for a long time wirelessly.

Manual keyboards have such a big power consumption if you see how long the keyboards are being used.

However, if you use a solar keyboard, there is little to no electricity consumption. The only electricity consumption would be from the light you’re sitting under that indirectly charges your solar keyboard.

Solar keyboards have removable batteries and a solar panel over the front of the keyboard to charge. Therefore, it is easier to use and carry anywhere you’d like.

Read more about solar keyboard operation here.

How does solar keyboard impact the environment?

It uses sunlight as a source of power which we get for free. It is not only an indispensable source of energy but also free of cost.

Solar keyboards are a sustainable product as you don’t need to use electricity and sit under the sunlight when you’re working.

Since it lasts longer when charged from sunlight, you don’t need to worry about its battery or anything constantly.

Since there are no batteries, it does not risk pollution that the usages of other keyboards create. Disposing of batteries can be hazardous to our environment.

Since they do not perish easily, you can use them for as long you can think.


Q1. Do manual keyboards work the same as solar keyboards?

No, manual keyboards use electricity to run through cable chords, whereas solar keyboards use solar energy or any ambient indoor light to function.

Q2. How do you charge a solar keyboard?

If you want to recharge the batteries of a solar keyboard, place the keyboard in a bright lit room or under direct sunlight for about an hour, or you can keep it for even longer.

Q3. Can you use the solar keyboard while it charges?

Yes, you can use the keyboard even when it is charging.

Q4. Why my solar keyboard has stopped working?

It’s most likely that the battery is discharged, and you need to put it under ambient light.

Q5. For how long will you be able to use the keyboard after charging?

You can use it for at least three months because it has an on/off switch that helps in conserving the battery.

Wrapping Things Up

When you think about efficiency and comfort, a solar keyboard is probably the best solution. In this new age of Internet technology, solar keyboards will be a boon to this industry. They have all kinds of features that you would find in a wireless keyboard and more advanced features than a normal keyboard.

Buying this will prove beneficial for you as it is cost-efficient and can be used for a longer duration than you would be able to use a normal keyboard. It does not need any electrical connections and rather needs to be charged once in direct sunlight or any light ambient enough.

Thus we can conclude here that this is the best option for you to consider when you think of buying a keyboard because it is good for you and the environment.

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