How to Reset the Logitech k750 keyboard?

Resetting a device restores its original setting. Follow the below steps to reset your keyboard;

  1. Turn off the keyboard
  2. Hold the CAPS lock, and press a few other keys for the next five or more seconds simultaneously
  3. Turn on the keyboard.

If your keyboard has turned on successfully, you have successfully reset your keyboard; however, if your keyboard embraces the unifying wireless technology, you need to do more,

  1. First, press the connect or reset button on the USB receiver
  2. Then, press the connect or reset button located at the bottom part of the keyboard.

When should I reset my keyboard?

The common reason you should reset the keyboard is when it suddenly stops working. Also, if the keyboard is slower than usual or not responding to commands, you can consider performing a reset action.

How do I resync my Logitech keyboard?

If your keyboard has been blinking, it requires resynching instead of a reset. The Resync process pairs the keyboard with the computer, restoring a perfect connection for communication between the two devices.

  1. On your device, go to the Bluetooth settings
  2. On the available Bluetooth devices list, select the Logitech keyboard
  3. Pair the devices by following the onscreen instructions

After a successful pairing process, the LED light on the keyboard should stop blinking and light steadily for about 10 seconds

How do I fix unresponsive keyboard keys?

If some of the keyboard keys are not responding, resetting might not salvage the issue. The simplest fix is to turn the keyboard upside down and then shake it gently. Shaking the keyboard shakes or removes anything beneath the keys freeing them to function effectively.

Logitech K750 keyboard troubleshooting

Resetting is one of the multiple troubleshooting techniques. However, if you have performed it and still the keyboard is not functioning normally, you need to do more than that. Below are some of the other troubleshooting techniques that might save your day;

  1. Check the batteries

The Logitech k750 keyboard has batteries that store power from the solar panel. Check the battery status to confirm if it has a charge. Also, you need to diagnose if the battery is damaged or has depleted its lifespan, which may require you to replace it.

2. Uninstall and reinstall the Logitech k750 drivers

Every computer must have Logitech drivers to cooperate with the Logitech keyboard. If the drivers are corrupted or outdated, the keyboard will not respond as expected. Thus, it would help if you reinstalled the drivers via the device manager.

  • Visit the control panel. If you are using the Windows operating system, click the start button, scroll to find the windows system and click it to find the control panel.
  • On the control panel, click on the device manager
  • Please scroll down to find the keyboard icon and click it
  •  Select your keyboard and right-click
  • On the pop-up menu, click uninstall.
  • Power off the computer and turn it on. After turning it on, it will detect the keyboard and automatically install the drivers

3. Connect it to another computer

Sometimes, the keyboard might be incompatible with your computer. To check if that is the issue, connect it to another computer and check if it is functioning as expected.

4. Restart the human interface device service

The human interface device that includes the mouse and keyboard must run correctly for the connected devices to function correctly. If it is not running correctly, you can correct it by following these steps;

  • Click the start button and locate the windows administrative tools
  • Click on services to access the human interface device service
  • If the human interface device service is not running, click start, otherwise click restart
  • After the HID service has restarted right, click and then click on properties on the pop-up menu
  • On the startup type properties menu, change the type to automatic

Now you should be able to use your keyboard. If still these are not working, then we can try cleaning the internal on/off switch.

Logitech k750 keyboard not working solutions from manual

If the above fails, then try these steps directly from the Logitech k750 manual. These are some of the latest pieces of advice in 2023.

First, check the Unifying receiver and try changing USB ports. Make sure the keyboard is turned on by sliding the Off/On switch to the On position. If it still doesn’t work, try moving the K750 closer to the Unifying receiver, or plug the receiver into the Wireless extender if you have a tower PC.

You can also re-establish the connection using the Unifying software to reset the connection between the K750 and the receiver. If that doesn’t work, try restarting your computer.

If the Light-check LED produces no light, your K750 may be out of energy. To use it again, increase the amount of light over the keyboard to a level you might see in a brightly lit office. The K750 may take a day or two to recharge when exposed to this increased level of illumination, but only several hours if placed in direct sunlight.

A high quality image of the Logitech K750 keyboard preview
The look of the Logitech K750 keyboard

To check the available light hitting the K750, you can download and use the Solar App, which gives you an easy and visual way to keep track of the keyboard’s energy. Note that if the Light-check LED flashes red automatically, the K750 is nearly out of energy and needs more light to keep working on a long-term basis.

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