Solar Lights in Mulch: Good or Bad?

Mulch is an outstanding aesthetic addition to your home décor; extremely beneficial for coexisting your lighting system peacefully.

If you desire to use mulch for your solar-powered landscape lighting, wait here for some warning exits. There lies a tricky combination problem that’s why can’t you put solar lights in mulch?

Continue reading this article will discuss some remarkable solar landscape lighting concerns. 

Why can’t you put solar lights in mulch?

Actually, mulch is one type of wood, and solar light generates heat. If you cup up the lighting fixtures, the heat of the light can’t escape; gets locked. This overheating may cause mulch smoke. 

In case of leaving this combination for a long time, gradually, the fixture will get too hot & will start to mollify the landscape lighting fixtures PVC composite. 

This may also flame up the shield around the wires. Regardless of mention, this may lead vast amount of damage – only your patience & maintenance can keep away your fixtures safe & secure.

Remind that if you allow too much heat to increase below a pile of mulch, any time fire may start causing far resulting in acute harm than crushed wires & lights.

That’s why it will be wise not to keep solar lights in mulch.

It will be much better to install them at least near open air or under a covered porch.

The below photograph shows a burned-out part of outdoor light in a mulch. This kind of thing can happen if the solar light tends to generate high heat.

burned outdoor light on a mulch
source (outdoorlights)

NOTE: Recent developments in solar lights tend to use low-cost LED bulbs which are not that much generating heat. If you have these highly low-heat LED-based solar lights, then it will be fine to put them on a mulch.

How do you protect solar lights in the ground?

The acceptance of solar lighting is continuously rising so high. This lapsed investment is absolutely suitable for outdoor lighting if you maintain the following tips to secure your ground solar lights.

1. Pick tamper-resistant hardware:

Especially if you are using large & more expensive lights for your solar panel, pick tamper-resistant hardware to protect it. 

Actually, they ascend nuts, bolts, nuts, or screws consisting of stainless steel, with some unique sockets or maybe not. It is quite impossible to break them virtually.

2. Place the lights at a peak point:

While placing a large or medium size street solar light for the outer, set them in peak point to secure them.

3. Place lights in concrete:

Thus it is quite impossible to place the light on peak point particularly small lights in garden & footpath. In this circumstance, drive a pit in the ground, make it hard to build on a mix of moist concrete, then place the lights; let it hard.

Use sand to skip the concrete base; the bad side of this is you can’t move to an alternate location.

4. Use motion detectors:

This option will help make you understand if anyone is near your light or not.

5. Apply security alarms & cameras:

Don’t think that the security cameras are so costly. Bu inserting this, you can see the live footage or use the record option while required. Security alarms are also great for securing your solar lights. 

Once fix the warning alarm, stay cool regarding protection doesn’t matter you are at home or not.

6. Build a wall or fence:

To save your property, build a high wall or fence, then set the solar light upon it. This will secure your property also maintain privacy too.

7. A cunning dog:

Your pet dog can determine most thieves. If it sees any unknown person, it will bark.

8. Security guard:

Hire a security guard to stay in your gated community. It’s a little costly but; the safest way.

How do you fix solar light stakes?

As a “metal stake” is quite brittle fractures may anytime happen. If your solar light stakes got broken, you don’t want to replace them.

In this situation, first, find out where the fracture did, then fix it following the steps-

You will need:

  • 4x: 1/2-in Polyethylene trickles female irrigation charger.
  • 1x: Silver-Line pliable 1/2-in x 2-Ft 125-PSI pliable twist pipe.


  1. In order to permit the wire to go through, I cut a little carve in the female adapter.
  2. Then I cut the pliable twist pipe shorted in an angle position to easily drive into the ground.
  3. Through the fitting fed the wire.
  4. Set the screw so the wires appear on the side; you are done.

How do you install landscape lights straight?

  • Make a wise choice while picking landscape lighting for your property, considering your personal preference at first.
  • Get a basic idea regarding installing start your installation function.
  • Before making the connection between your line & transformer, strip the cushion from the edge. Don’t be afraid of negative or positive wires.
  • Keep all things away from the ground; apply siding clips to string up the transformers.
  • As the outer lights operate from a single wire, so the lights should be in the same row.
  • Apply connectors to fix them, pin your stakes into the ground, then test the system by switching the lights. Use your landscape lighting happily.

What can you do with dollar store solar lights?

You can do so many clever & cute hacks with dollar-store solar lights. With one, you can change a gorgeous outcome entire set of lights. There lie plenty of ways to turn up these lights to make a unique space!

  • Fix up candlelight.
  • Mason jar light.
  • Mounted light.
  • Lantern & many more things.

How to keep solar lights from falling over?

As the stability of solar lights is largely connected with the fixture design, you like to have. However, we suggest you pick solar light fixtures that come with a sturdy structural material, mostly copper or solid brass.

If you prefer light solar light stakes or plastic ones, remind these are not for professional installation. They are very much prone to falling over the ground, as they’re only persisting in the ground. 

But don’t worry; you need to just place them with the little amount of concrete that is covered under the ground surface. We recommend you use concrete 8″ x 8″ x 3″ intense would perhaps grab them perfectly.

Wrapping up

Fortunately, there are various techniques for proper maintenance of your solar light, lighting stake, mulch, or fixtures you use. 

Have good ideas & clever hacks regarding the whole process, starting from the heat control to fixture settlement. I hope your solar light will be totally useful for you.

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