Will Solar Lights Deter Deer?

Deers or animals, in general, could do a lot of damage to your property or create chaos in the garden or pathway. However, deer is one animal that is popularly known to be found around the lights. Therefore you need to know how to deter the deer from your property without sitting for them.

The most popular way of straying deer away is using deer-repellent lights. These lights work exactly like solar lights and use solar energy to work the batteries. The stored energy then gets converted to illuminated light. In this article, you will see how to keep the animals, especially deer, away from your homes, gardens, etc., without actually causing any harm to them. 

Let us read in the article below how you can deter the deer or animal from causing damage to your property by using the deer-repellent lights.

How does solar light deter the deer?

Deer-repellant lights have become quite famous for scaring deer away from one’s property. They use solar power to charge the battery inside the solar light. It is then used as a light to scare the deer away. What the light does is blink in various patterns that could act as a shock for the deer so that it gets scared and discouraged to come close to the property.

Although the deer-repellant lights only work at night, they make it the biggest limitation. However, deer’s have known to cause damage at night only, so this is a great and reasonable way of ensuring that your property and you are protected when you are sleeping.

Let us see some examples of Deer repellent lights below,

Predator Guard Solar-powered predator deterrent light

One of the most famous lights has deterred animals, especially deer, away from people’s property. It has 2 lights that simulate the eyes of the predator to scare the deer away. The light blinks in unexpected ways so that it can catch the animal off guard and scare them away. 

These lights do not require any maintenance and are made with the most challenging material to resist any disturbance. Not just deer, but these lights will scare away any animal from entering your property and scare them away. The light is charged in the day using solar light, which then gets stored. Finally, it gets converted to light at the night with a sensor that can sense the surroundings. It covers up to 600 yards.

Nite Guard Solar predator control light

The light delivers a constant red light to scare the deer away or any animal from coming close. It gets activated automatically at night and deactivates when it stores energy from the sun during the day. It is made with weatherproof material and can withstand harsh surroundings for about a year. It covers up to 500 yards. This is a better product as the red light will prove a danger sign to the deer and would keep them away from the place you are trying to protect.

Will a solar light keep deer away?

Yes, solar lights can deter animals from entering the property as they can be scared easily by these lights. In addition, these lights blink in different patterns that confuse the animals and scare them away. 

Now no wild animal would enter the property like a tiger or a lion. But animals like possums, skunks or raccoons, and mostly deer, try to enter the premises, especially at night. Therefore, you can either install water sprays to scare the animals away. 

Apart from water sprays, you could install motion sensor lights or simply motion sensor solar lights that use solar power to generate light.

These lights are off during the day and charge up the batteries with stored solar energy. It is later converted to light by the batteries during the night when the lights get automatically turned on.

Are solar lights suitable for plants?

Solar light provides light to trees and plants that cannot get enough sunlight or sit in the shade. These lights are also used to create an ambient atmosphere during the evening and night. Moreover, solar lights use solar energy to work, so the plants can’t get badly affected.

However, as solar light has less light than actual sunlight, it could not affect the plants and be bad for them. Therefore, the most effective they could have is no effect at all. 

However, light placement is also crucial for a plant’s growth. If the light is placed too close to the plant, it could receive more than enough light which could be detrimental to its growth.

If the lights are placed away from the plant, they might not receive the light needed, and it would also block the actual sunlight coming through. Therefore the angle and placement of light are crucial as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can motion lights deter deer?

Motion sensor lights can also help deter animals like raccoons, skunks, possums, and deer. However, animals could understand the pattern over a long time and not be scared away by these lights, so they are not very practical for a more extended period.

Are deers afraid of lights?

Deers cannot move around bright lights as they don’t like them, so they wait until nighttime to go wherever they want. If you install a motion sensor solar light in your porch or pathway area, it will scare the deer away by blinking in irregular patterns. However, if the deers understand the design, they might not be as scared as before.

Can solar light keep animals away from the garden?

Yes, you must use landscape lighting carefully to see its best results. You can even use low-intensity lighting like solar light that can deter the animals and aren’t as harsh as you might think.

Will outside lights keep deer away?

Random noises, lights, and even water spray could scare the deer away. All you need to do is get unexpected and sudden noises or stimuli around the garden to scare the deer away. However, these are not permanent solutions to keep wild animals away.

Will solar LED light scare the deer away?

Yes, solar lights can scare the deer away by illuminating the LED lights to scare them away. The lights blink in a pattern that wavers the deers out and startles them and discourages them from coming near.

The Bottom Line

Deer-repellent lights are made for keeping deer or any other wild animal away from your property to save it from destruction and damage. The products we mentioned have proven impressive with great reviews and ultimate customer satisfaction. It is a convenient way of keeping the animals at bay without involving anything.

However, you should also keep in mind the location where you will install the light and how you will install it. Moreover, if it’s a garden, how many yards does it cover, and the warranty period of the solar lights must be known. 

Therefore, we can conclude that solar lights also come to deter the deer away from your property to protect it from damage. But, not just deer, it will scare away any animal that comes close to the light.

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