Can I connect a wind turbine to my solar inverter?

You can utilize both wind turbines and solar panels and generate power from that. However, in order to connect the interface, you need to figure out how to configure the wiring? In contrast to the wind turbine, solar panels are fairly simple. However, wind generators are far intricate and complex.

Moreover, wind turbines are persistent to generate power. It means it can generate more power than a solar panel. Therefore, you need to have the proper infrastructure to dump the excess power. Hence, it also signified that a controller plays a crucial role in the interface.

Connecting wind turbine to the solar inverter

The wind generator and solar panel need to be interfaced together. In addition, you have to use the same wiring system to run the system. Before connecting the interface, it is crucial to initiate research and purchase an efficient controller.

Even though the setup is fairly simple, the interface varies from one system to another. However, without an expert hand, one should not attempt to rig the wiring by themselves. The magnitude of energy can lead to potential hazards, and one can easily be injured.

The wind turbine generator creates a three-phase AC sine wave which will be converted to DC and finally filtered. Moreover, for over-voltage, you need to use voltage detection with a breaking circuit to stop the turbine.

However, the MPPT used for the solar application could not be integrated into the wind turbine. Likewise, the need for a boost converter is an integral part of the inverter. If you are unsure about the integration process, you can consult the inverter manufacturer. So, designing the custom MPPT system can also be away.

Apart from the generic thought, the most important fact that comes to one’s mind is, do you require a transformer attached to the generator? Might it help for galvanic isolation?

The next question that pops up is, can the proposed system with wind generators be attached to the MPPT? And how to improve the efficiency of the grid-tied inverter?

Things to consider before installing a wind turbine

  • You should have sufficient, consistent and clean wind to operate the turbine and generate electricity
  • The environment must be at least 10 metres clearance from buildings, trees, hills or any obstacle that can hind the movement of the wind.
  • In addition, you need to comply with the local council regulation on the structure. This can include a restriction on the height, visual appearance, noise equation, or even permission of your neighbours.
  • The wind generator has its outputs regulated by a battery. And the battery further needs to be installed in a safe location away from fire or any damaged area.
  • If you decide to upgrade the solar power system, you can consider including a hybrid solar system. It will be easier for you to integrate with the wind turbine.

Tips to follow before integrating the wind turbine

Adding a wind generator to a current network connected solar power system.

We don’t supply 240-volt AC wind generators; in any case, we do have four options accessible to you:

1. Replace your current solar inverter with a hybrid inverter and battery, and connect the wind turbine through the battery. The expense is about $4000 in addition to the wind generator.

2. Install a Luxpower ESS close by your current solar inverter, and leave the current solar system unaltered. Introduce the wind turbine to a little battery connected to the ESS.

3. Using a current Latronics PV Edge inverter, connect your solar panels, inverter and wind generator to a similar battery.

4. Install a Selectronic inverter and battery, with the wind generator yield being checked by the Selectronic inverter.

Adding a wind generator to a solar power system that has a 48-volt battery

If you have a current solar power system with a 48-volt battery system.

Regardless, the inverter that is connected to the battery will screen the condition of charge of the battery and will decide when the battery power will be utilized and when it ought to be re-energized. 

Matrix connected batteries are normally more modest than those for independent systems, and thus, it is basically how is managed any overabundance of power and how the battery charging from the wind generator is controlled. 

Various batteries have distinctive charge control boundaries – for example, lead-corrosive and gel-type batteries are dealt with contrastingly to the vast majority of the lithium batteries.

Connecting a wind generator to an off-framework solar power system with a 48-volt battery

This is maybe the least difficult of all.

The wind generator is connected to the current battery bank through an isolator and the battery combine. We additionally give an isolator to slowing down the wind turbine when the yield to the battery is disconnected. Something else, the wind generator speed could go excessively high and annihilate the controller.

To Wrap Up

If you need to make the work a lot simpler on yourself and stay away from a potential disaster, call a professional engineer out to your home to evaluate your solar panels and wind generators. They will have the understanding to effectively break down your system and ought to likewise have the parts important to finish the task.

Can you combine solar and wind power?

According to renewable energy experts, a small “hybrid” electric system combines home wind electricity and home solar electricity.

Do wind turbines need inverters?

For most small-scale do-it-yourself power generation, the power coming out of your wind turbine or a solar array is DC power.


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