Connect Wind Turbine to Solar Inverter: Essentials

A solar inverter is a machine that changes the current generated by photovoltaic cells into an alternating current. This energy is used for various applications. This is because the energy from sunlight has to be converted to another form before it can be used by humans. Therefore solar energy systems are used to serve this purpose.

Today solar systems have developed into more smart units that perform many advanced functions. A wind turbine is a machine that produces electricity from the kinetic energy in the wind. Thus, it also uses renewable energy. A combination of solar and wind energy is being used for many applications. One such application is connecting wind turbines to solar inverters.

Can I Connect A Wind Turbine To My Solar Inverter?

Yes. You can connect the solar panel system and wind turbine with the help of a professional. Also, you should check whether the wind turbine gives DC and has the correct voltage. If the output is not DC or the voltage is not right, you should not connect the wind turbine to your solar inverter.

You must remember that wind turbines naturally generate AC. However, it is usual to convert AC into DC and then back to AC before using the grid. Also, wind turbines generate higher energy than solar panels. Hence you should have the proper infrastructure to store the excess power. A very capable, quality controller is vital for this interface.

Does A Wind Turbine Need An Inverter?

The need for an inverter for a wind turbine depends highly on its purpose. If you have any direct current supply machines, don’t worry about the need for an inverter. However, for those wind turbines that use one, an inverter is a key component. You need an inverter for your wind turbine if you would like to use it as a source of electricity for your home. This is because this device converts DC into AC. You cannot use DC for your home as it is too dangerous.

Advantages Of Wind Turbines

  • The first and foremost benefit of wind turbines is they are cost-effective. As the wind is the low price energy source available today.
  • Wind turbine technician is one of the fastest-growing jobs in the world. The wind turbine market provides a variety of jobs in manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and supporting services.
  • Wind energy would not pollute the air. It does not produce any atmospheric emissions that cause acid rain and greenhouse gases.
  • Wind supply in the world is abundant and unlimited. It is relatively untapped when compared to fuels and other forms of energy that cannot be renewed.
  • Wind energy is sustainable in that it never harms the environment.
  • Farmers or ranchers can use wind turbines in their farms or ranches that cover only a fraction of the land. Wind power plant owners can make rent payments to the farmer for the usage of their land. Thus, they provide extra income to the landowners.

Connecting Wind Turbine With A Solar Energy System

Wind energy generators and solar panels have to be combined through the same wiring system. For this, you need to buy a good controller that supports both systems. You should not attempt to do this wiring work by yourself. It is quite a dangerous and crucial one. The energy produced in this can cause potential hazards and injury. Therefore, in this case, you need to hire a professional to put the system together for you. And the most important thing is to buy the best controller that is capable of controlling both systems. Also, the controller is fairly inexpensive.

How Does One Attach A Wind Turbine On A Solar Inverter?

To attach a wind turbine to a solar inverter there are four easy ways:

  1. You have to fix the turbine on the solar energy system.
  2. Next, attach the device to the right voltage solar battery.
  3. You have to install your turbine with a high voltage battery.
  4. And fix the device to an off-grid solar panel.

However, you should not try to do these yourself. Instead, call an expert!

The connection of the wind turbine and the solar inverter would be possible only when both have the same value of emf. The DC output is also the same because an inverter changes DC into AC. If the wind energy turbine naturally produces raw AC power then it will not function with your solar device.

What To Remember Before Connecting A Wind Turbine To Your Solar Inverter?

While a wind turbine has many advantages to offer, here are a few things to consider before installing it:

  • Wind turbines consume a lot of clear space
  • They make noise. However, there are modern wind turbines that make much less noise.
  • People living near wind turbines seem to have a reduced quality of life according to data.


Connecting a wind turbine to your solar inverter is not difficult. However, you need to upgrade your solar inverter to connect it to a wind turbine. Also, it may not always be economical as many wind turbines produce raw AC electricity. Thus, you can consider a hybrid system. This will ensure an uninterrupted power supply. In addition to this, solar and wind energy do not compete with each other.

On the contrary, they work well with each other. In summer the solar panel generates a good amount of energy. And in the winter season, the wind turbine generates the energy required throughout the season. However, you must hire an expert to make all the changes to your systems.

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