Can Solar Lights Be Charged Indoors

By Matt •  Updated: 01/05/22 •  7 min read

Are you also wondering if you could charge your solar lights in your house? Well, you can charge the light weighted, mobile solar lights. You should know that solar lights require light from the visible spectrum to charge. You don’t have to keep it in the sun the whole time.

Solar lights were made in such a way that you could utilize the solar power and the light from a regular lamp if needed urgently. Since solar energy is abundant, using it would make the most sense. However, if you are ever stuck or run out of energy, you could simply use a lamp to charge the light.

Solar Inverter
Solar Inverter

Let us see if we can charge the lights and how we can charge the lights. Keep on reading to know more.

How to charge solar lights without the sun?

Some of the easiest ways of charging solar lights without using the sun are as follows:

  • Use cloudy/windy weather to charge your solar lights. Even though you might think there are clouds, the sunlight constantly travels even if you can’t see the sun. This makes it the best opportunity to charge the solar light with solar energy, which would convert it to electrical energy and conserve it so that you can when you need to use it.
  • Use incandescent lights to charge your solar lights since some people keep incandescent lights for emergency purposes. It is easier to charge, and you can easily charge any of your solar devices and use them for about 5 to 12 hours.
  • You can also use LED lights to charge the solar lights as they are yet another alternative to ambient light. We will discuss this in brief further in the article.
  • See if your solar light has an alternate method to charge, such as a USB charger. Some solar lights also come with a USB port that allows you to plug the solar lights in the socket and charge it. This might cost you, but it is a method you could use if you’re desperate.

Can solar lights be charged with regular light?

Since solar lights need light from a visible spectrum, you can use artificial lights or regular power bulbs to charge the solar lights. Artificial lights can include incandescent bulbs, flashlights, led bulbs, etc.

An incandescent light bulb would charge the solar light by placing the solar light anywhere near the incandescent bulb. The closer the solar light is placed, the quicker it will charge the solar light.

You can use LED lights when you do not have any other source of indoor lighting. However, solar light would take up to 12 hours to charge through a LED light source.

Do solar power items work indoors?

One of the reasons solar light was invented was to provide light when there isn’t any sunlight or even electricity-induced light. Therefore, you can easily use the solar lights indoors by charging the solar lights previously and conserving them.

Solar panels are usually used outdoors as they use sunlight to function; however, you can keep them indoors near a window to use them. They can also use the indoor lights to function, although they won’t be as efficient as they would be outdoors under direct light.

All that the solar light needs are enough light exposure for the photovoltaic cells to create electricity. Therefore, you could either place them near the window where they can receive light from outdoors, or you can place them under a power bulb, and they will work the same.

Can you use solar string lights indoors?

String lights have become so famous as they are used to decorate your house and even garden areas. Nowadays, you can also find solar string lights that you can use for your decorative purposes and are cost-efficient and energy-efficient too.

Solar lights do not need any power cables and, in turn, help you save electricity costs. Solar string lights have a solar panel attached at one end of the string light. They use the electricity created from solar power absorption and then can decorate Christmas trees and be used as holiday decorations.

Since solar string lights use the sun as renewable energy, they are more eco-friendly than you might think. You can place these anywhere as they can store the solar energy well for further use. Therefore solar string lights can be used indoors as well.

Can solar lights be charged with a flashlight?

Since a flashlight is a form of artificial lighting, you can most definitely charge a solar light by using a flashlight. However, the speed and efficiency by which the solar light is charged will depend on the flashlight’s brightness.

The solar lights require a visible spectrum of light and therefore use it to convert it into electricity. But since a general flashlight emits up to 100 lumens, it will take much longer to charge the solar light with a flashlight.

Even though it might take a long time to charge it, you can still charge it. Therefore, you can use the flashlight to charge a solar light.

Can led light be used to charge a solar panel? 

A solar light can also be charged using the LED power source as LED light covers a bigger range of the visible spectrum. If you think about it, LED is a much better way of charging as it is more cost-efficient and energy-efficient than an incandescent light. 

If the solar lights run out of energy in the middle of the night, you can use LED as a powerful light source as they provide direct bright lights. All you need to do is direct the LED bulb right at the solar panel of the light o let it charge.

However, these should be used only if necessary, as solar lights were invented to reduce the environment’s carbon footprint. However, the LED lights use electricity produced by burning fossil fuels, which is a detrimental factor for our planet.

Therefore, LED lights should be used only if there is a quick need or it’s a high emergency.


Q1. Do solar lights work at night?

Yes, they can because they charge throughout the day and then provide light at night.

Q2. Can solar light catch fire?

Yes, because they use Li-ion batteries that are combustible

Q3. Can solar light bulbs get hot?

Solar lights can generate some amount of heat but not as much as you would think.

Q4. Do solar lights use batteries?

Yes, there are batteries in a solar light as these batteries only use the solar energy to convert it to electrical that the light uses to function.

Q5. Can you charge solar light in a shady area?

Yes, they can as there is some amount of light in a shaded area; however, it won’t be as well as under the sunlight.

Wrapping Things Up

Solar lights are the best inventions there ever could be because of how environmentally advantageous they are. You not only use infinite solar power, but you also save so much cost. You can even charge them inside your house by keeping them under ambient light to charge them. The cost you bear is only for its installation, and then since there is no maintenance for the lights, there are no charges too.  

There are tons of ways that you can use to charge your solar lights without actually using the sun. This makes it the most versatile device to be used. Solar lights are specially made to be used at night, and in turn, they are beneficial for the plants too. 

Therefore, it can be concluded that solar lights can be the best purchase you make for your home as they are economical and efficient. You can look for these online and get them delivered right to your home.


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