How long do new solar lights take to charge?

By Matt •  Updated: 03/01/22 •  7 min read

how long do new solar lights take to charge? With constant improvement in the solar energy industry, new solar lights can fully charge themselves within 8 hours by direct sunlight at maximum capacity before initial use. Eventually, they will take 4 to 6 hours to charge fully. You have to make sure you’ve placed all batteries correctly.  

How long do new solar lights take to charge

Solar lights are a great invention. It uses sunlight to produce electricity; save them in a battery and use them when the sun goes down. We have an abundance of it, and it will not go away as long as the sun is there. It is green energy, and it creates significantly less impact on our environment comparing gas, coal, and oil. 

Solar Inverter
Solar Inverter

Many homeowners now use solar lights to light up their indoor and outdoor. People are also using them as garden lights. You will have to invest some money in starting, but it will pay off when you see you do not have to pay tons of electricity bills. 

Like everything else, solar energy is also improving with time. New solar lights and batteries are much more efficient and improved. Now they take only 4 to 6 hours to charge themselves under direct sunlight.

But to maximize their battery capacity, you have to charge them for at least 8 hours under direct sunlight before starting using them for the first time. Securely place batteries to their correct polarity. Make sure you do not place- your solar panel near any bright object, or else their on/off sensor will be confused and will not detect whether it’s day or night. 

Can Siting and Panel Tilt Angle Affect the Charging Efficiency of Solar Lighting Devices?

Yes, siting and panel tilt angle can affect the charging efficiency of solar light devices. Solar panels are generally- situated at the top of your solar lights. It’s needless to say you should place it straightforward. But sometimes- siting or tilting solar panel angles can improve the charging efficiency of solar devices. 

By doing it, you will make sure your solar panels are facing where sunlight is coming. The basic understanding is you should keep your solar panel south facing. People usually tilt their solar panels at different angles during summer and winter: 30 degrees in summer and 45 degrees in winter. It helps them get more sunlight during the daytime. 

There are some thumb rules that you must- abide by. You have to put your solar panel somewhere high to capture enough sunlight during the daytime. Do not set them beside any bright objects, do not set them under any cover. Set them as high as possible so- they get direct sunlight for the longest time. 

How Can You Increase Charging Efficiency for Solar Lights?  

Apart from siting, tilting angles, and keeping them under direct sunlight, there are some other ways you can increase the charging efficiency of your solar lights. It will maximize your battery capacity and, eventually, you will get more runtime from it. 

Here are some of the tricks you must follow: 

  • Purchase Latest Ones: You should purchase the latest models of solar lights. They have all modern components and battery cells that support high efficiency.
  • Set Batteries Properly: Make sure you have placed all the batteries in the right places. Otherwise, they won’t receive much electricity.
  • Panels with High CPV: Buy solar panels with high Concentrated Photovoltaic or CPV cells. These cells capture sunlight and transform them into electricity.  
  • Replace Batteries: Your solar light batteries do not come with an unlimited lifespan. So, replace your old batteries with new ones once in a while.
  • Take Help from Experts: Call an expert when you face- any trouble with your solar lights. It is wise to get an expert while installing your solar light.  
  • Clean Solar Panel: Dust on your solar panel can reduce the efficiency of your solar panel, resulting in less electricity stored in batteries. 

You can significantly increase the charging efficiency of your solar lights by maintaining these easy but important factors. 

Do Dirty Solar Panels Affect Charging Efficiency?

Dust and debris can affect charging efficiency of your solar panel. They can harm physically as well. If you do not clean solar panels regularly, dust will pile upon them. It will reduce their charging ability, minimizing battery capacity and its lifespan. 

A dirty solar panel will most surely reduce its maximum performance, and you won’t get runtime like before. It can cause damage to your solar lights. Clean your solar panel at regular intervals. Make sure no dust piles upon it. 

How to Clean Solar Panels? 

You can easily clean your solar panels. While there are several ways to clean- using soap and water is the easiest. Cleaning your solar panel is exactly like cleaning your car. You don’t want to make any scratches. 

To clean your solar panels with soapy water, you need a non-abrasive sponge. Follow these steps to clean them:  

  • Take a bucket full of soapy water. 
  • Then, put your non-abrasive sponge into the soapy water. 
  • Now take the wet sponge and clean your solar panels gently with it. 
  • Finally, use a hose to wash away everything from your solar panels. 

Water will wash away all the specks of dust and bird droplets from your solar panels and make them clean. After cleaning them, you will find out that your solar light performance has significantly increased. Now you will get maximum battery performance again. 

Can Freezing Temperature Affect the Charging Ability of Solar Lights?

Unfortunately, it does. Freezing temperature in winter can reduce the charging ability of your solar lights. It can seriously damage your panels and battery. In freezing temperatures, your solar panel might get covered by snow. In that case, they do not get sunlight and cannot produce electricity. 

On the other hand, winter has shorter days and longer nights. Sunlight also doesn’t come directly. As a result, your solar panel does not receive enough lights to produce electricity. Less electricity in your battery can damage your battery and solar lights. 

Cold weather is good for batteries in holding charges as they discharge them slowly compared to warmer settings. But for solar ones, cold weather can be damaging. Cold reduces the chemical reactions inside the battery. Plus, your battery has less electricity because of lacking sunlight. 

So, keep your solar batteries in a dry place. It is best if you can insulate the area. Remove snow from your solar panels regularly. 

Do solar lights come pre charged?

Solar lights do not come pre-charged. You have to charge at least for 8 hours before starting using them. Do not just unpack and start using them. All manufacturers instruct for charging them before using them. 

Put your solar panel out in the sunlight and let them charge for 8 hours. You can use them when they are full-charged. Then they will take 4 to 6 hours to recharge them afterward. Not charging full can damage your solar battery. It will eventually reduce your solar light lifespan. 


Solar lights are pretty cost-effective alternatives to regular electric lights. By using them, you are not only reducing your expenses, but you are also contributing to the greater good of our environment. With proper charging, a solar light will last a significantly long time. You have to maintain them properly- that’s all.    


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