Can you convert solar lights to low voltage?

By Matthew Joseph Nandirio •  Updated: 02/24/22 •  7 min read

Renewable energy- solar lights are quite easy infusion for most tenants. Though adequate sunlight is essential to enhance solar efficiency, the season, your geographical position, or weather, the levels of sunlight may be different. 

What to do? In this situation, be a little resourceful regarding charge up, considering Can you convert solar lights to low voltage? How to convert solar lights to battery power, USB, or AC?

Read on our write-up here; you will get the solution solar lights converting ways to low voltage and different approaches to convert solar lights to battery power, USB, or AC.

Can you convert solar lights to low voltage?

Why not? You can convert solar lights to low voltage easily. If you’ve solar caps but don’t offer adequate lights or for any reason, you can turn it out.

For example, if you’ve solar lights operated on a 1.2v means Ni cad battery of 600mAH. Check out for the little LED circuit board, a resistor & a voltage regulator.

Only you need to paunch the fixture and fix a LED (ultra-bright white is preferred) in sequence with a restricting resistor. Surprisingly an aged 5V 1A wall-wart kind wireless phone charger can operate a dozen or alternative fixtures.

You can see this video to generate more ideas regarding this concern.

How to convert solar lights to battery power? 

You may be surprised by why & How to convert solar lights to battery power? 

Well, the sun is offering energy for your solar panel in the daytime to produce energy. But on a cloudy day or nasty weather conditions, you will need a battery to get instant energy. 

Therefore solar lights come with a rechargeable battery to store energy. Anyways this Rechargeable battery goes pretty much with all our electronics.

However, follow the steps below to turn your solar lights into battery power.

Turning on battery-powered:

You need-

  • Solar lights.
  • Batteries.
  • Battery tack.
  • Electrical tape.

Step 1: Make a Battery fount.

When converting solar light to battery power, firstly cut and rewire the solar strand to provide proper voltage to all the bulbs. The lights will get power up to 2-3 hours in this method.

Although this option won’t be best for outdoor use, maybe go best for indoor use.

What sorts of lights you are applying impacts the battery’s number.

Step 2: Join the wires:

With the battery-connected power wire joining the solar strand wires, to keep it organized, enclose the power wire circling the solar strand wire.

Step 3: Use electrical tape.

On the wires, the end side finishes the wrapping using electrical tape, be confirming properly that wrapping is done, nothing is revealed.

Step 4: Put your batteries on the battery tack.

Finally, let’s see if the solar light works perfectly or not; set batteries into the battery tack and make the power on; if lights are on, you are done.


As this project is a little tough, don’t take any risk in case you have little knowledge regarding this proceeding. 

How to convert solar lights to USB:

If you are intent on stopping power wasting by charging any USB devices, you can transform solar-powered lights into a solar USB charger. Follow all the instructions step by step to convert a solar USB charger from an aged garden light.

You can charge up your entire device, which USB needs a port to charge. In this project, I use a few led’s to apply to use it as a torch.

Step 1: Your required item-

  • Two garden lights solar panels.
  • 4AA batteries (rechargeable).
  • Battery holder.
  • One USB adaptor (female).
  •  A case.
  • A small button.
  • Three 3.6v led.
  • Some wires.
  • A dpdy six pin push button.
  • A 150-ohm resistor.
  • Two 1n5817 blocking diodes.

Step 2: Make the solar garden lights separate-

Disclose the solar light to separate the panels away from the light. You will get a little circuit inside in it here; you may extract the two diodes and a few LEDs.

We require about 2000mha battery capacity. So we aren’t going to take an included battery that is only 800mha. 

Step 3: Diagram:

Follow the diagram perfectly.

You heat to warm the soldering iron and wire all the things are shown on the diagram. To be confirmed, use electrical tape to cover all the connections.

Then you are done.

Convert solar lights to AC:

It is quite easy to convert solar lights to AC. You need to take apart the current unit then work out absolutely the output unit from the solar panel & its battery, you can do it without any confusion; let’s start –

The things you need-

  • Solar LED street lights
  • Some wires
  • 12 volt LED driver.
  • Electric plug. 
  • Electric tap.

Step-1: Take a solar light & disclose it.

First, take a street solar light, then open it; check out what is inside. Clean it up before starting work out.

 Step-2: Disconnect all the diodes inside.

As we are converting our solar panel to AC so we need to disconnect all the diodes connected inside. We aren’t going to use this.

Step-3: Fix the LED driver.

To light up your solar panel, directly insert the LED driver inside. Set the positive driver wires with the (+) sign of the solar panel & the negative wires (-) sign of the solar panel inside.

Step-4: Connect the wires.

Then connect your wires one side with the LED driver & the other the electric plug to connect directly. Beware perfectly set the positive side wire to the (+) sign & the negative one with the (-) sign. Please don’t make any mistake; it will burst. 

Step-5: Plugin & check out.

You are done; let’s plug in your solar light to see if it is working or not. If working close, the solar panel is set again. & use it whenever you need it.


Use electric tape to tape the wires connection; stay safe. 

What voltage are outdoor solar lights?

Basically, a yard solar light uses standard solar-cell technology in a very effortless application. A simple alone solar cell generates heights of 0.45 volts.

This amount can be different, relying on the cell’s size and the quantity of light visible on the outside. However, for a yard light, you require at least four cells electrified in sequence.

With four cells, this yard light will generate 1.8 volts and a top of almost 100 milliamps in entire, lighting sunlight.

Can a UV light charge up the solar panel?

Theoretical study says that a little step-up of the UVA band is capable of charging a solar panel but may be significantly inadequate. 

3 easy ways to proper charge your solar panel:

While using solar panels in poor situations, be sure that you are holding every ounce of energy accessible to you. Follow the three steps below to maximize the solar panel charge.

  1. Set your lights angle:

Set the solar lights directly angle at the artificial or sun or light source; this will enhance the chance to get an extra charge.

Though it is impossible to move the wall-mounted solar lights, which are fixed, or settled on a fence post, be creative enough not to miss any chance.

2. Control the ambient temperature:

Avoid high temperatures to save your solar panels from being damaged or losing efficiency.

3. Clean up your solar panels:

Clean all kinds of dirt or dust from the light from being blocked. Apply easy wash with window cleaner, gentle soap, or some water to support the solar lights in a well-functioning condition

Final verdict:

Solar lights are an awesome source of power. But now, you can convert your solar lights in different terms- like turning them in a low voltage or making their battery power. You also can turn it to USB or to AC, whatever you want.

But be safe if you dare to electric working don’t try it anyhow.

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