Can NIMH batteries be used in solar lights?

Thanks to modern science, people are now more interested in using eco-friendly and recycled items like NiMh batteries.

With a minimum charge cycle, NiMH batteries will totally be charged or recharged many times. They accordingly become inoperative and increased quickly.

People are concerned about using NiMh batteries in their solar lights to stay tension-free from electricity bills. Although at first, the question comes to their mind – can NiMh batteries be used in solar lights? Or NiMh batteries can be able to catch fire on solar lights?

Here is the solution. Read ahead to find all the answers.

What kind of rechargeable batteries do solar lights use?

Solar lights don’t want any unique batteries to work. There are two types of rechargeable batteries to operate: NiCd rechargeable battery (Nickel Cadmium) & NiMH rechargeable battery (Nickel Metal Hydride).

Both batteries are offered in lots of local shops close to you, so it is not a trouble to discover your new alternative sunlight battery. Both of those batteries also are interchangeable, which means that you could set them up as your wish.

There are variations in the composition of rechargeable batteries. Eco-friendly NiMh battery has an advantage in its capacity without a memory effect, which makes it perfect.

Also, if you are looking to convert any AC power solar light to DC power, battery-based, then NiMh will be a good choice too.

Can NiMh batteries be used in solar lights?

It is a common inquiry that, is NiMh battery useful for solar lights or can we replace solar lights battery with NiMh battery? 

The answer is absolute yes; NiMh rechargeable batteries are perfect for utilizing in most solar lights, both outdoor & indoor. Also, it is a better option for replacement.

It comes with a 4-pack of 600mAh batteries that support you with all the ability you want to make sure your lights stay at their top performance in terms of operating.

Can I use normal rechargeable batteries in solar lights?

In most situations, the best option is to use rechargeable batteries for solar lights. There are a couple of risks to the use of ordinary non-rechargeable batteries for your solar lights.

Only two types of rechargeable batteries can be used, called Nickel-metal hydride batteries & Nickel Cadmium batteries. You can use only one form for your solar light. 

Just be careful about overcharging the batteries. It could be dissipated at once if the charge no being captured.

Can you replace NiCd with NiMh in solar lights?

Not only replacing them with NiMh is the best idea, but also they’re a stronger desire for the battery as they have got blessings that their NiCd opposite numbers don’t.

Here we have made a comparison based on the difference in their specifications and discussed between NiCdk and NiMh rechargeable batteries.


The main difference between Nimh & NiCd batteries is in the composition of chemicals. The most important difference is that the Cadmium deposition of the Nicd battery on the bad electrode is changed through hydrogen-absorbing fusion in Nimh batteries. The batteries additionally vary from overall performance ratings.


NiMH battery capacity of charge storage is much higher; on the other hand, the charge storage of NiCd battery is lower. 

It indicates that they could normally use energy for longer than your device.


NiMH batteries are not toxic and are environmentally friendly for not having cadmium elements. Also, they can be reused after being totally used.

Another side, due to the presence of cadmium, NiCd batteries are toxic to the environment. Also, it is not possible to recycle properly because of the poisonous element, which is not safe for land life.


High temperatures can have an affection on the performance of NiMh batteries. And it may become unproductive in hot weather outside.

NiCd batteries are considerable for combined solar systems because it is useful in working under a temperature that is not so hot.

Long store life:

You can store NiMh batteries anywhere as unused for between 3 to 5 years.

However, we propose the use of your latest NiMh rechargeable batteries earlier than that, gotta preserve the ones shining solar lighting.

NiCd rechargeable batteries have no long store life than NiMh. So you have to use the battery as early as possible.

Effect of no memory:

NiMH may be partly charged and completely recharged to their most capability on the following full-solar day. There is a bit of discharge in the course of memory, so it’s miles first-class to place your NiMH batteries into your lawn sunlighting in the pre-sunrise hours earlier than a sunny day. Then they’ll be equipped to head on your middle-of-the-night enjoyment.

NiCd batteries have problems with reaching a “memory,” so it will lessen the lifestyles of that form of battery.


Be careful about charging NiMh batteries because they cannot withstand the extra charge after being fully charged. Because of having a short time of recharge cycle, it can’t be used for a protracted time.

NiCd rechargeable batteries have long durability of recharge cycle; therefore, they can absorb extra charge.

Recharge time:

NiMh has a slowly charged cycle and needs a longer direction to solar rays. Slow charging forms them difficult in cloudy situations or restricted sunlight hours.

NiCd rechargeable batteries are recharged fast and are handy for regions with limited sunlight hours or weather with fewer sunny days.


The rechargeable battery form of NiMh is almost considered more expensive comparatively than the form of NiCd rechargeable battery.

Rate of self-discharge:

NiMH cannot absorb charge considerably, producing the bulb alternating from shiny to dim. One can decide the left quantity of power by relying on the illumination ranges of the light sun-powered.

NiCd batteries launch at a regular charge, and consequently, the sun bulbs preserve consistent illumination. However, the light turns off anyhow after the charge power in the battery reduces. Unexpectedly, the lamp is probably turned off.

After considering all the specifications related to advantages and disadvantages, we can say that NiMh batteries are the best option for you.

Can you charge a NiMh battery with a NiCd charger?

It won’t be a wise decision to take charge of a NiMh battery with a charger that is specially made for NiCd batteries.

So, my suggestion based on experience is never to charge Ni-MH batteries with a charger of Ni-Cd. There are considerable variations in charging situations among one sort of battery. It is constantly encouraged to charge the batteries the usage of the correct charger to the type of your battery. Making a charge with an incorrect charger can also additionally reason degeneration or leakage of battery provider life.

Final thought:

In a try to keep our environment safe, we have to challenge ourselves extra by using eco-friendly power from the sun. Many advanced countries have formulated techniques to dispose of fossil fuels and make sure carbon-loose power manufacturing through 2035. Storage of sun and wind power stays the vital focal factor for invention on the way to the store. 

NiMH battery may be outstanding, cost-powerful funding for you. Though it is a matter of concern, can NiMh batteries be used in solar lights?

 Be relaxed, and you can expense a bit extra initially on this amazing gadget. You’ll revel in the enjoyment in the lengthy run.

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