Does the Logitech solar keyboard charge when off?

Logitech keyboards have two charging mechanisms, whether through solar systems or ports.

Some of them come with a solar panel located at the top. These solar panels are designed to consume light from the environment and convert it to power stored in the battery.

Similarly, these keyboards may have a port at one side where the charger is plugged in to charge. In other words, charging them is a straightforward task.

However, recently there has been a fuss over the internet about how these items should be charged because the effect of charging them wrongly can’t be overlooked.

The top question about these keyboards is whether they can be charged off. Well, I have done the hard task for you and experimented with a Logitech keyboard about the same. Please keep reading to know about my findings.

Does the Logitech charge when off?

Short answer: Yes, the Logitech keyboard charges even when off.

Not only that, let me answer more questions in your mind regarding this. such as,

  • Does the Logitech Solar Keyboard charge in the dark?
  • Does the Logitech Solar Keyboard charge when not in use?
  • Does the Logitech Solar Keyboard charge when it’s not plugged in?
  • Does the Logitech Solar Keyboard charge when it’s turned off?
  • How does the Logitech Solar Keyboard charge when it’s off?

The answer to all of these questions is yes, the Logitech Solar Keyboard does charge when it’s off. This is because solar Logitech keyboards have solar panels at the top surface. The panel has solar cells which absorb light and convert it to electric power. These cells do not require the keyboard to be on to function. Thus they function and recharge the battery even when the keyboard is off.

Typically these keyboards require 2 hours of typical sunlight to charge the battery fully. One more thing is that you do not have to take it out to charge. Their solar panels are designed to absorb both natural and artificial light. Thus, it will charge at your home office table normally.

Similarly, if you plug in the cable to the port and connect it to a power supply, they will still charge even when off

However, when the keyboard is off, it will not show the usual flashlight indicated when charging, which is the main cause of doubt if the keyboard is charging.

Fortunately, it is super easy to confirm if the keyboard is charging when off.

  • Use the keyboard until the battery is dead
  • Leave it in a bright room for at least 3 to 6 hours when off.
  • After some time, power on the keyboard.
  • If the keyboard turns on, it is a shred of sufficient evidence that it was charging when off.
  • Also, you can press F8 to check the battery status. The red light on the battery indicates that there is sufficient charge, while no light would mean it wasn’t charging

You can also check the Logitech official manual to learn more about the Logitech keyboards.

How would I know if my Logitech keyboard charged when off?

Are you skeptical if your keyboard charges when it is off? There are two main ways of knowing if the battery has increased its charge.

First, you can use the F8 command to check the battery status, as we have discussed above. The green light means that the battery has sufficient charge, red light signifies insufficient charge, while no light at all means your keyboard was not charging.

However, the most effective to check if the battery was charging when the keyboard was off is to use the Logitech software found on the Logitech software download page.

  • First, download the app from the downloads page
  • Click and install it. after a successful installation process, it should automatically detect the keyboard
  • Navigate to the software interface and check the battery status.
  • You can also set the app to send notifications when the battery is 50%, 20%, or the status you want. Simply navigate to this device, notifications and then enable the battery status.
  • Check if the keyboard is charging when off, check the battery status, and note it. Then leave the keyboard for a few minutes, ideally 20 to 30 minutes, and then check the battery status. If the battery was charging, the battery status should have increased.

Why is my Logitech not charging when off?

We have already discussed some steps to check if the keyboard was charging when off. In all the cases, if the battery status remained the same or decreased, it wasn’t charging. What would be the cause?

  • If the keyboard cannot charge through the solar panel, likely your panel will be damaged.
  • Also, likely your battery is damaged. Generally, batteries have a limited lifespan hence require replacement after some time. I highly advise that you thoroughly research your keyboard if you will be doing the replacement on yourself. Otherwise, you need to hire a professional.
  • Additionally, if the keyboard cannot also charge via the port, your charger or the port is likely damaged. Fortunately, if the cable is the problem, you can easily get a new one without having to break the bank.
  • Also, if the charging port is dirty, the keyboard will not charge. In such a situation, the keyboard turns off suddenly and starts to blink. However, you can use compressed air to clean the port.

The good news?
If the keyboard cannot charge and is still within the warranty period, you can consult the manufacturer for replacement, free repair, or refund your money, depending on the agreement.

Final words

Logitech keyboards embrace quite advanced technology to give the users the best experience. Usually, they have two charging mechanisms, that is, they can charge through the port or the solar panel.

To charge through the port, you need to connect with a cable which is later connected to a power supply. However, if it has a solar panel, the keyboard will always charge even when off.

The solar panel located at the top part is designed to absorb both the natural and artificial light and convert it to power stored in the battery. Thus, even you don’t have to take it outside to access direct sunlight.

If you want to confirm my words that the keyboard will charge even when off, you can first check the battery status, leave it for some time, and then check again.

Similarly, you can use the Logitech battery app, which shows the battery status. Check the battery status note and then leave it for a few minutes. If the battery status has increased, it was charging when off.

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