How big is a 200W solar panel?

Nowadays, solar panels have become a great source of electricity and build eco-friendly homes. These devices are sustainable, but they are often used to recharge batteries such in cars, mobile phones, and other appliances. 

Now the question is- how big a 200W solar panel is and how much power does a 200w solar panel produce. Read on to learn about 200w solar panels. 

What is a 200W Solar panel?

200W solar panels are the lower power rating panels that may not be the best option for households. As per the current stats, most businesses and homes install 200-365 watts of solar panels. However, solar panel companies do not offer 200W panels for homes and rooftops. But companies such as Renogy provide 200W kits that include two 100W panels. These are often used for polar solar projects, RVs, and boats. 

How many amps does 200W solar power panel include?

Before knowing about the amps in 200W, it is crucial to check energy in watt-hours. This would represent the optimum conditions for delivering it. In terms of energy, how much does a 200w solar panel produce instead of checking power in watts in the time? 

Thus, the maximum amps a 200W solar power panel produces are IMP and CMP (maximum current power). However, the average current value is 8amps for a 200W solar panel with 25 volts. 

One of the best ways to check the amps in a 200w pane is by checking the specification sheet rather than measuring itself. The average value is 8amps DC. When you convert into AC, we need to minus 10% inverter energy, assuming that the solar power panel is in full power. 

Let us go into mathematics.

Suppose, if there are 25 volts for a 200w solar power panel, we need to reduce DC amps if we supply AC load. Hence the equation would be,

AC amps = DC amps X 25/120 =8 X 0.208 = 1.66 Ac amps

Please note that I have assumed that the solar power panel is fully loaded with energy and also, and I have also not calculated the 10% inverter loss. 

So If I go through inverter loss, then the equation will be like this, 

1.66 X 10/100 = 1.49 amps

What are some basic specifications of a 200W solar power panel?

  • Weight- 14.5 kg
  • Open circuit voltage- 30 volt
  • Short circuit voltage- 8.56 A
  • Maximum power voltage- 24.6 V
  • Maximum power current- 8.31 A
  • Solar cell efficiency- 17.2% 
  • Operational temperature- (-) 40 degree Celsius to (-) 85 degree Celsius
  • Tolerance- +/- 3%

Here you can find in-depth details, including a diagram. (

How much does a 200W solar panel power produce?

If we consider it in KWH, the power will be generated in the following manner.

Solar panel rating X peak sun hours = WH

By taking an example, you can calculate WH as:

200 watts X 4.254 = 0.85KWH = 310.5 KWH. 

What is the actual size of a 200W solar power panel?

If you check its physical dimension, it usually varies on the size and number of solar power panels and how efficient the panel is. 

On average, the size of a 200W solar panel is 1640mm X 992mm, while the thickness of the panel depends on the manufacturer. Solar cells are highly standardized, but the thickness, material, and glass cover vary. 

Thus, a 200W solar power panel’s estimated weight is 11-15 kg. 

How much does a 200w solar power panel cost you?

You know that you will need to pay a little higher if you want high-quality and premium products. While checking the best solar panel manufacturer, Renogy, the value of a 200W is $300. 

If I check with Chinese companies, you will often get $0.3 per watt. However, I have not included the shipping charges and another fee. Whatever manufacturer you choose, you will get the best, but ensure you buy from trustworthy companies. 

However, as per the current reports, the price of solar panels has been coming down compared to the past few years. 

If you consider shipping and installation charges when shopping for panels, you will come to the right decision. 

What can a 200W solar power panel run?

A 200W solar power panel can charge batteries and a battery bank that you can use to charge appliances like a laptop, coffee maker, etc. As per numbers, a 200W solar panel produces 10-12 amps; then, it can run refrigerators, lights, chargers, and other necessities. 

The Bottom Line

Solar power plans are eco-friendly and convenient for getting natural energy. These might take a little more time to produce electricity than power plants’ light. It would help if you considered it a sustainable and renewable energy source that always charges your home and saves a lot of money. 

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