How to Keep Portable Solar Panels From Being Stolen?

As it is rightly said, “Necessity is the mother of all inventions,” likewise, solar panels are the greatest and useful inventions for humanity. Undoubtedly, solar panels are categorized as a valuable thing.

Even the majority of the masses are well aware of this fact too. Due to this fact, the theft cases of solar panels are increasing day by day due to high demand. The result is, the owners of solar panels face a massive loss because this equipment is costly. 

To some extent losing the solar panels are the worst nightmares. Honestly, no one wants their solar panels to be stolen. In some countries, the theft of solar panels is quite a common thing.

Moreover, thieves do the proper planning and plotting for removing the valuable solar panels. Now the main question is how to protect your solar panels from theft. 

With some guidance and tips, one can protect their solar panels from this huge risk.

In addition to it, you can also follow several tips and use common sense, which minimizes the risk of theft.

Moreover, the planning and plotting of the homeowner can also frustrate the thief and his criminal efforts.

Here is a list of some tips which can be helpful for you. Therefore, follow all the below-mentioned tips. 

Tips and Tricks to Secure Your Solar Panels from Thieves

1) Do not reveal the cost

It is recommendable that you do not reveal the actual cost of your solar panels to anyone. The reason is that you are indirectly inviting the thief to remove the solar panels.

In other words, you are attracting unwanted attention. Henceforth, it is better when someone asks about the price then you can mold the conversation in a significant way instead of revealing the actual worth.

2) Install motion detectors

The other way to protect your solar panels from theft is to install the movement detectors lights on the roof or where the solar panels are installed.

Due to it, criminals think twice before committing this crime. Keep the one thing in your mind that no criminal wants to highlight his face. Henceforth, installing a movement detector light is a wise option.

3) Chain the solar panels

You have several options regarding the protection of solar panels. What you need to do is, chain the panels with the help of using the locks. In addition to it, you can also use the nylon coated wire and snit-theft fixtures.

4) Make it not easy to stole

Keep the one thing in your memory that does not keep the ladders around the solar panels or home. Now, the question strikes in the mind of masses that, why? Therefore, the answer is holding the ladder makes the criminal’s work easy.

With the help of a ladder, they can easily reach the solar panels and execute their planning of removing the solar panels efficiently.

These are some common tips for the security of solar panels. It is basically up to you which method you will choose. Most people think that who will theft my solar panels. It is the standard equipment and so on.

 However, they do not believe that solar panels are common but expensive. The thieves always target expensive things and types of equipment instead of cheap things. It is one of the biggest reasons that theft of solar panels is increasing day by day or with each passing moment.

You will be amazed to know that, as per the location, you can use the different security tips. Therefore, choose the location and apply the essential security tips.

What is more, you can take the security measures in their different scenarios. These three scenarios are urban, suburban, and remote array locations. Here is the information that is useful for you.

Urban location is difficult for thieves to execute their planning of theft in high-density areas. The reason is that someone round the clock occupies these places. If someone sees unusual activity, they can call the police and report the unusual activity.

 These places are construction sites, and so on. To secure the solar panels, especially in an urban location, you can follow several security measures. Here is a list of some security suggestions that you can keep in your mind and use it.

How to Protect Solar Panels in Urban Locations?

Security Fasteners

 There are numerous nuts and bolts which are complex to remove after the installation. Therefore, you can prefer these kinds of nuts and bolts while the installation of solar panels. Somehow the types of nuts and bolts are varying from budget to budget.

Video Cameras

 For some people, it is quite weird to use a video camera to secure solar panels. However, it is a useful tip. It can protect your other property from being stolen. You can also search for the dummy cameras.

Reduced Access

 In urban locations, solar panels are installed on the roof. 

 Therefore, for thieves, it is easy to remove the panels on the roof. Consequently, it is advisable to remove all the items like the ladder, and so on. In this way, it is quite difficult for them to reach on the roof.

How to Protect Solar Panels in Suburban Locations?

You will be amazed to know that solar panel theft is the lowest on the residential installations in this type of location. The reason is that residential installs are done on the home.

Moreover, the security measure for the urban location is the same for the suburban areas too. Here is the list of some security measures that are suitable for the suburban location.

  • 1. System Monitoring
  • 2. Video Monitoring with the analytics
  • 3. Guard Service
  • 4. Security Fasteners 
  • 5. Reduces the access

These are five common but useful tips for the security of solar panels. If you live in suburban locations or near it, you can use the tips mentioned above.

How to Protect Solar Panels in Rural Locations?

The stealing of solar panels is relatively easy in rural locations. The reason is that they have plenty of time to execute this plan. The best way to secure the solar panels is adequate insurance.

Check How Rural Areas Protect their Solar Panels

If the insurance is not available in the area, then you can use several other security tips. The below-mentioned information is all about the security measures for preventing the stealing of solar panels.

Video Camera

 You can install the video camera, which has the feature of wireless networking and advanced analytics. Moreover, these kinds of cameras can record the whole scenario. These all are available at a reasonable cost.


It is an expensive mode but effective mood of protecting the solar panels. You can easily hire a guard to enhance the security of the solar panels. In addition to it, you can also consider this option.

Reduced access

As mentioned earlier in urban locations, the same thing is in rural areas. You can easily remove that material from the roof, which easy the work of thieves.   

These are the list of things that you can do to ensure the security of the solar panels. In addition to it, the protection of solar panels is quite essential and necessary. Moreover, you cannot take it lightly. You will have to consider the security of the solar panel as your priority.

You can also use these methods to or discuss with the solar panel manufacturers. They will give you the appropriate knowledge about the security and cleaning tips of the solar panels.

The inference of complete analysis is that you can easily judge which security method is appropriate with the information mentioned above.

You can choose one of them from the provided suggestions based on the cost and future expense. It would be an additional budget that you have to allocate to keep your solar panel system safe from the thief.

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