How to reset Seiko solar watch 100m, 100m ladies, sne039, sne047, sne391p1, sne475p1?

Since its foundation in 1881, the Seiko brand has lived up to its word of manufacturing long-living, reliable, and user-friendly watches. Even better, it has made several watch inventions, giving you a wide range of collections to choose from.

Nonetheless, resetting a watch is one of the daunting tasks for time enthusiasts. That explains why most Seiko watches have a simple resetting process to give you an easy time.

However, you should note that different watches have different designs, which means a unique resetting process. For instance, some watches may have a knob only, while others incorporate a knob and two more knobs. We sampled a few Seiko watches and discussed a detailed process to reset them. So get reading!

How to reset 100m Seiko solar watch

Step 1: pull the crown

A 100m mechanical Seiko watch comes with knobs used to reset the chronograph. Thus, you should pull the knob crown to stop its operations and rest it. The knob pulling activity produces a clicking sound. 

The first sound signifies the date setter is active, while the second clicking sound signifies that the time resetter is on. Consequently, you must pull the crown until you hear the second clicking sound to reset the time.

Step 2:  Press the upper button.

Now, it is time to perform the actual resetting. A 100m Seiko watch has two buttons, likely, placed on both sides of the knob. The upper button is known as button A and is used to select the indicator, while the button at the lower part is known as button B and is used to adjust the time hands.

Therefore, press the A button for a few seconds to change the time indicator to be reset and release it after it spins.

Step 3: Press the lower button.

Next, use button B to adjust the time hands. Hold and press the button while rotating it gently to change the position of the hands. Note that the rotation should be made clockwise towards number 12.

After you are done with the hour hand, use the A button to change the mode to the minute hand. Later, press, hold and rotate the B button just like before to reset it. Similarly, if your watch has a second hand, repeat the same process to reset it.

Once you have adjusted the hour, minute, and second hand and are satisfied with the resetting process, it is time to return the crown. Press the crown gently until it is intact again. If you have done that, then the time hands will start turning again.

How to reset 100m ladies Seiko solar watch?

Step 1: Pull the crown

Resetting the 100m ladies’ watch is quite similar to any other 100m Seiko watch. Just pull the crown until you hear the second clicking sound. 

Step 2: Change the time indicator

Then press the upper button to change the time hand indicator and use the lower button to move the time hands to the correct time setting. Repeat this process until all the time hands are correctly positioned.

Step 3: Push back th crown

After you are done, don’t forget to push back the crown to its original position. Additionally, be gentle when pushing the buttons or moving the crown. Otherwise, you will damage the watch. 

How to reset the sne039 Seiko solar watch?

The sne039 watch is slightly different from the sne100 Seiko watch. Thus, there is a difference in their resetting process. For instance, this model does not have extra buttons; only a single knob is used to change the mode and resetting process. How do you reset the sne039 watch?

Step 1: Pull and rotate the knob 

Hold the crown and pull it out gently until it produces a clicking sound. The first clicking sound indicates the date setting mode; thus, rotate it gently if you want to reset the dates. Also, you will notice that this watch supports different languages on the dates, so ensure you have it reset to your language.

Step 2: Reset the dates

After resetting the dates, pull the crown for a second time until it produces the second clicking sound to reset the time. When you try rotating the knob, you will notice that the minute hand adjusts, which triggers the hour hand adjustment. Continue rotating the knob until you achieve the correct time setting.

You can watch this YouTube video and follow along.

How to reset the sne047 Seiko solar watch?

Sne047 Seiko watch looks similar to the sne039, only that it has a significantly advanced battery that can store charge for almost ten months. Thus, it also has a single knob that is used to change the modes and reset the watch. So, if you know how to reset the sne039, you can go on and do it, but I won’t mind quickly taking you through the process.

Step 1: Pull the crown

The knob has a crown that is intact with the watch; pull the crown slightly until you hear a clicking sound. Basically, the crown produces two sounds. The first sound indicates the date resetting mode, while the second click indicates the time resetting mode.

Step 2: Rotate the knob

Thus after the first clock sound, rotate the knob gently to change the date on the LCD. Similarly, pull to get the second click and rotate the knob to adjust the minute hand, which triggers the adjustment of the hour hand and the second hand, if any. 

You should carefully note that watches are pretty fragile, and you need to handle them with care. Therefore, pull the crown gently as well as slowly rotate the knob. Also, remember that the rotations should be done in a clockwise direction.

How to reset sne391p1 Seiko solar watch?

The sne391p1 is a men’s watch with solar energy and a long-lasting battery. It has the most user-friendly operations, resetting one of the most straightforward tasks. 

It has an hour, minute, and second hand and incorporates a date display screen and perfect calibrations, making it easy to read. On one of the sides, it has a single knob that is used to reset it.

Step 1: Reset the dates

Pull the crown until it produces a single click sound to reset the dates and rotate it until you get the correct dates. You will notice that this watch supports two languages, German and English. Thus, you should rotate until you get to the correct dates in your language.

Step 2: Reset the times

Next is to reset the dates, pull the crown until you hear the second click, and rotate the knob, which moves the minute hand. Rotate it gently until the hour hand is correctly positioned according to the calibrations, same as the minute hand.

After you are done with the resetting process, push the crown until it is intact with the watch. If you have done that correctly, you will notice that the second hand will resume turning, indicating that your watch is perfectly reset.

How to reset sne475p1 Seiko solar watch?

The sne475p1 Seiko solar watch is a leather strapped watch made of steel metal. It supports multiple languages, among them English and French. Even better, its calibrations have a bigger font size making it easy to read or reset. Fortunately, it is a self-winding watch; thus, you will not have to face the hassles of winding it. So how do you reset this solar-powered watch?

Step 1: Gently pull and rotate the crown

It is a single knob watch with a crown to change the modes. Thus, gently pull the crown until it produces a sound. Then, rotate it gently to reset the dates while observing the LCD. 

Step 2: Reset the time

You should pull the crown to reset the time until you hear the second click. Rotate the knob gently in a clockwise direction. That triggers the minute hand to move and the hour hand. Keep rotating the knob until the time hands are correctly positioned.

Step 3: Return the crown

Lastly, push the crown until it is in contact with the watch. After which, you will notice the time hands will resume turning. Now your watch is ready to be worn.

Final words

You will have to set your watch after purchasing it or recharging it after its death. Mechanical Seiko watches have two significant designs, a single knob design and a knob with a lower and upper button design.

In case your watch has only a knob, you need only to pull the crown and rotate it appropriately to reset it.

On the other hand, if the watch has buttons, pull the crown, press the upper button to change the mode, and use the lower button to change the position of the time hands. Remember, you should always press the upper button when you want to get to the next hand.

As a caution, you should note that watches are pretty fragile. Hence, if you are careless, you got yourself to blame. Instead, rotate the knobs in a clockwise direction very carefully. Similarly, be gentle when pulling out the crown. 

Also, don’t forget to return the crown to its position to have the watch working again. The best thing is that the Seiko watches have a user-friendly design. Hence resetting them is not an intimidating task.

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