How to make a DIY solar powered bird bath fountain?

Solar Powered bird bath fountain require two significant pieces of equipment, and one is the container where the water will get collected, and another is the setup of a solar panel. Connect the fountain pump to the solar panel and keep the solar panel in direct sunlight to power the fountain pump. 

The water pump keeps circulating the water until it receives sufficient electricity from the solar panel.

How to set up the Solar powered bird bath fountain?

Bird Bath with a Free Solar Fountain

We will discuss the solar-powered fountain that keeps pumping the water during the day. As its sunsets, the pump would no longer receive the solar panel’s electricity, so it will automatically shut down. 

The following day again, when the sun rises and the sunray reaches the solar panel, the fountain gets activated without human interaction and pumps the water into the fountain. Once the setup is installed, the whole system runs autonomously. 

DIY solar birdbath could be an essential element in your garden to offer the bird space for regular bathing. 

The birdbath is a vital process that keeps the bird healthy. Offering them a perfect place to take a bath under the beautiful looking fountain would enable them to stay clean and healthy. 

Bathing also helps the bird to keep their body temperature in control. 

Especially in summer days where the temperature reaches above 40 degrees, the bird’s body temperature makes them ill. Most of the birds die only because their body cannot sustain in the growing temperature. 

Step by Step guide to set up the birdbath in your garden.

1) Decide the place:

The solar-powered fountain would require direct sunlight to produce an adequate amount of electricity. While setting the fountain, ensure that you have a place where you can put the solar panel facing the direct sunlight. 

It is essential to find the right place which will offer maximum solar exposure. Else the solar panel would not be able to catch the required sunlight. No sufficient electricity would stop the fountain. 

2) Deep Container:

Outdoor Colorful Flower Glass Birdbath

Once you have decided the place for the birdbath fountain, the next step is to place the deep container. 

Find the container that would hold a sufficient amount of water for the bird to take a bath. Also, the flowing water will move through the top layer of the fountain to the connected pump. 

If you plan to decorate the fountain with an aquarium decorative, then have the container with require deep, so you can comfortably arrange the stuff in your fountain. 

Ensure that you are not making the fountain very congested. 

You can also find the decorative garden fountain in the stores. These fountains would have small artwork, mannequin or decorative that makes the fountain look interesting. 

3) Fountain:

3.5W LED Solar Fountain for Birdbath

Depending on your need, you can have the fountain. For this project, choose the fountain that comfortably fits your deep container in the centre so the water moving through the fountain would land in the container, and there will be no wastage. 

In water should get collected back to the container else, as the day pa, the water level gets the decrease, and after a few h, the whole fountain will be empty. 

The pump will be running without water and could get damaged due to excessive heat. So ensure that the fountain that you choose is durable and could sustain in the outdoor heat. 

There are several types of fancy fountain options available in the store. 

Some sprinkle the water, so others throw the water in particular shapes, making the water look good when pumping out of the fountain. You can choose the fountain based on your desire for enhancing the beauty of your garden.

Moreover, choose the fountain that comes with long extended cables. You may have to use the fountain at the corner and keep the solar panel far away from the fountain to capture the direct sunlight. 

You should get the long code or the extension cable in advance, so when you are connecting the fountain with the solar panel, you do not have to compromise on the placement. 

Measure the distance from the solar panel to the fountain in advance, so you can clearly understand what kind of resource you require to complete the setup.

4) Decorative:

Once you have your fountain in the right place, the final step is to decorate your fountain. If you have made your fountain using cement and other stuff, paint them with the white colour or any different colour you prefer. 

Use the decorative to make the fountain look beautiful. You can arrange some plants to make it look hidden from the view, and only the top view is open so the bird can see and reach the fountain. 

Put some river stones in the fountain. The river stones are primarily rounded in shape, and they may not have the edges like normal stone. So the bird would not get injured from it.

Put everything together, and once you are satisfied with the decoratives’ placement, it is time to activate the fountain. 

First, pour the water into the fountain and submerge the fountain top under the water as per the fountain’s manual’s instruction. 

Connect the fountain cable with the solar panel and put the solar panel in direct sunlight. The solar panel will start generating electricity instantly. 

Your fountain would start processing the water, and you will see the beautiful looking fountain in your garden.

The birds will start appearing on the fountain to enjoy the water and take a bath. The DIY solar birdbath set up is complete now. It will run seamlessly.

1.6W Solar Pond Fountain Pump for Garden Decor

You have to pour the water regularly as some of the water gets lost due to heat, and as birds start spending time in the water, the water level will decrease. 

Regularly clean the fountain. Else, the pump will not work if there is too much dirt in the water. The fountain pump requires clean water that it can pass easily through the nozzle. 

If the dirt and waste product gets trapped in the pump, the pump will automatically get shut down, and there will be no fountain. Therefore, keep your fountain clean.

What are the benefits of a DIY solar powered bird bath fountain?

The DIY projects always good when you are working for your garden. The DIY project would teach you a lot in the process and make your self sustaining person. It is a great learning process when you work on a DIY project.

Here are some of the top benefits of the DIY solar birdbath.

1) Affordability:

Instead of buying the entire setup from the store, you can make your fountain birdbath in your backyard with few elements. 

Use the old household equipment and make your own beautiful looking solar powered bird bath fountain. 

The designer birdbath is too expensive. The stylish birdbath fountain’s cost depends on the size, decoration, artwork, and many other things that determine the fountain’s final cost. Comparatively, the DIY fountain would be way less priced.

2) Easy Installation and disassemble:

When you make your own DIY solar birdbath fountain, it would be easy for you to install them and disassemble them whenever required.

3) Use your creativity:

Use your creativity to design and decorate the DIY Solar powered birdbath. Place the element in a way that will provide enough space for the birds to swim, use the river stone to help the bird stand in the water, remove any element with sharp edges. 

It may hurt the bird while they are taking a bath. Keep the fountain in one corner so there will be ample space in the centre for the bird. 

Putting the fountain in the centre would restrict the bird from reaching the centre where mostly the waterfalls from the fountain. 

4) No electricity bills:

Unlike other fountains, the DIY solar birdbath would be powered by 100% renewable energy. While setting the fountain, you will have another setup for the solar panel near the fountain powering the entire system. 

Depending on the fountain’s power consumption, you can also have a battery storage device to collect the excess power during the day. 

At night, the fountain would power with colourful lights, which will enhance the aesthetic of your garden. 

During the day, the bird will enjoy the beautiful shower under the fountain, and at night, it will be your decorative that make your garden looks attractive. And all this will be done using the free energy source.


The DIY solar powered bird bath fountains are great for gardening. Your garden would be filled with beautiful looking birds. 

The birds passing through your house would stop by experiencing the fountain bath and getting ready for their journey. The fountain bath is easy to build once you know the basics. 

The clean water supply is essential for the fountain to stay active throughout the day, so you should keep an eye on the water condition to avoid fountain nozzle blockage. 

Now start building your own DIY solar powered bird bath fountain.


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