Does Tesla Solar Roof Increase Home Value?

There are fair chances that the installation of the Tesla Solar roof would uplift the value of your home. Tesla Solar Roofs are in huge demand, and only a few lucky customers get the chance to install them.

Tesla Solar Roof would be the home’s USP that distinguishes its home value from other real estate.

Yes. Tesla solar roof will increase your home value due to its long life span and efficient solar energy generation capability for free.

How do Tesla Solar Roofs add more value to your home?

Everyone these days desire to live in a highly efficient home. Increasing electricity bills making people crazy. We already have the solution with us. The only problem with the solar roof system is there are only a few players in the business who offers quality services. 

Even if you decide to install the solar roof system in your home, you have to wait in the queue for your turn. Especially when it comes to tesla solar roofs.

man inspecting roof for tesla solar tile installation
A man inspecting a typical home roof for the tesla solar tile installation process

Therefore, tesla solar roofs have a high demand. They do have very strong advantages over other competitors as well.

Let’s see what are these advantages which will increase the value of homes, especially with tesla products.

Extrem Long life of Tesla Solar Roof Panels

One of the qualities of the Tesla Solar Roof is the durability of the material. 

Elon Musk, the owner and co-founder of the Tesla Solar Roof business, has clarified to the customer in the live demonstration of the solar roof that they have worked hard to ensure the solar roof sustains any natural disaster. 

Solar roofs are made of stable material that can sustain in harsh conditions. 

Elon also showed that the company had tested the heavy iron metal ball on the roof tiles to see if that breaks. Surprisingly the solar roof’s tiles are very strong and can face heavy objects as well. 

Ordinary roof tiles break down easily in a single hit. Tesla Solar roof tiles will protect your home against storm and water damage. The solar roof design makes the rooftop strong and gives you a protective shield for you and your family. 

Tesla Solar Roof installation comes with a 25-year of warranty. It covers the materials, installation, labour cost, parts, and electrical components associated with the whole solar roof system. 

Also, there is less maintenance cost to the Tesla Solar Roof, which is another reason people are more interested in the Tesla Solar Roof than the other players in the market. 

If anything goes wrong, the Tesla team will be one phone call away, and they will send the experts to check the situation. 

Once the initial assessment is done, the team will replace the non-working component, and your Tesla Solar Roof system would be functional again.

A person looking to buy a house would love to have the home with the Tesla Solar Roof. When you know the Solar roof is under warranty for 25 years, you would love to pay extra for the added service. 

Tesla solar roof gives the real estate seller advantage to sell the home quickly and earn a good profit on the deal.

Building Equity:

Tesla Solar Roof installation comes with costlier upfront fees. Some may believe they cannot recover the cost of the installation and instead stick to the local power grid. 

However, understanding equity building would help you to answer some of your common questions. When you live in a rented apartment, you pay rent every month, and this money is not coming back. Similarly, the electricity bill you pay every month is the money you hand over to the electricity supply company. It is not going to give you any return on your investment.

In contrast, the Tesla Solar Roof comes with an easy instalment facility that people can obtain. You pay a fixed monthly payment upon installation and sign the agreement. 

When the contract ends, you will be free from the monthly payment, and you have your own Tesla Solar roof system. Once the installation is over, the electricity you generate from your solar roof system is 100% free. 

You will start building the equity, and your solar roof system would be the asset that help you save money on monthly electricity bills. 

Self-Sustained Power:

Tesla Solar Roof system allows people to become self-sustainable. Once the solar roof system is installed in your home, you will be able to generate a sufficient amount of electricity to power your home without needing the local grid system’s support. 

off grid solar powerd house using tesla solar panels
off grid house using tesla solar panels as a power source (image credit: Solar Directory )

The electricity generated during the day would be stored in the backup battery pack. 

Throughout the day, the battery will get charged, and at night, when the electricity demand is high, you can power on the batteries to fulfil your electricity need. 

Even if your power grid goes down, your home will never face an electricity problem. You will have a sufficient amount of charge in your backup batteries. 

As the day starts, the solar system again activated, and your batteries will be again in the power storage mode. The cycle repeats everyday 24×7 and 365 days a year. 

In a natural disaster such as a hurricane, everyone would wait for the power to get restored, whereas your home will have full power to support life. 

Does Tesla Solar Roofing need Cleaning and Maintenance?

Yes. Unlike any other solar roof, there is a time when you have to clean the solar roof to improve its efficiency. The dust and dirt would stick to the solar panel’s surface, blocking the direct sunlight from reaching the membrane. 

You should clean the solar roof once a month on summer days and rainy days. It doesn’t require much cleaning as rainwater may clean the glass. 

Tesla has claimed that the Tesla Solar Roof is made of dust-free material, so they are less prone to attract dust to the surface. 

They are designed in a way that nothing will block the surface easily. However, it is still recommended to clean whenever you get time.  


The Tesla Solar roofing is in demand, and this demand is driving the value. As the day passes, the house value goes up once you install the Tesla Solar roofing system. 

Your family will enjoy the long-lasting electricity supply with no downtime. 

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