Why Does My Seiko Solar Watch Keep Stopping? Anwserd

When Seiko solar watch is running in the low battery mode, the insufficient charge in the battery is the cause to stop the watch. Keep the watch under direct sunlight for a few hours. If it doesn’t solve the problem, then you may have to replace the battery.

Why did my Seiko solar watch stop?

There are a few common reasons why your Seiko solar watch may stop while working. Lack of battery charge is one of the reasons the watch is not getting the required power. Put the watch regularly under direct sunlight to charge. 

If the watch is kept in the drawer, the dark area may not have sufficient light to charge the battery. Adequate lighting is required to charge the battery and keep it running smoothly and fully. 

When you put the solar watch under direct sunlight, it indicates some problems with the battery if the battery doesn’t charge properly. Either battery has become outdated, or it is leaking inside

You may have to remove the battery and replace it with another new rechargeable battery. Reach the service centre of the Seiko or find a nearby repair store to replace the battery.

The solar battery may last for 10 to 20 years if the watch is appropriately maintained. However, it would be best if you changed the battery every 5 to 10 years. 

The rechargeable battery sometimes starts leaking. The chemical in the battery will spread in the mechanism and block the essential parts. As a result, the watch would require extensive repair, which will be a costly affair. 

How do I fix my Seiko solar watch?

Before you jump to the repair job of your Seiko Solar watch, first diagnose the problem. Check what is causing your watch to stop. 

In most cases, the battery may produce issues after using the watch for several years. If that is the problem, then replacing the battery is the only solution to fix the problem.

You may need special tools to open the watch. Also, these watches are delicate, so first, try to practice using tools on an old watch. 

See if you can open and fix the old watch before starting the repair job for your Seiko Solar watch. 

The Seiko solar watch battery is made of button shape aluminium metal. When you open the back cover of the Seiko solar watch, find the battery in it. It will have a small size holding mechanism that keeps the battery in place. 

Move it aside gently and remove the battery from the watch. Now place the new battery in the watch. Ensure that the positive and negative side of the battery is appropriately placed. 

Once you change the battery, put the cover back and fix the screw. Recheck the watch if it is working fine. The new battery will solve the problem.

How do I reset my Seiko solar watch?

It is effortless to reset the Seiko Solar watch. Follow the below guide to reset the chronograph and time on your Seiko Solar watch.

Step 1: Pull the Crown gently until you feel the second click. 

The Seiko has a mechanical switch on the watch. The crown has two layers, one is for the date set, and another is for the resetting time. When you pull the crown, you will notice the watch stops immediately.

Once the knob is in time resetting mode, you are ready to reset the watch. 

Step 2: Press A button for two seconds

The A button is located on the top of the crown knob. It is an indicator selector. Once the button is pressed, the indicator will be activated to change every time mechanism on your Seiko solar watch. 

The lower button called the B button can also help you with hand adjustment.

Press and hold the A button for two seconds to reset the time indicator on the watch. Check the movement on the watch, and see which mode is spinning when you press and hold the A button. 

Once you confirm that you have selected the time indicator, you can move ahead to the next step.

Step 3: Press the B Button

Now you have to change the hands of each indicator. Press and hold the quickly rotating clock hands on the number 12 or 60. 

Press the button one at a time. Use the slow pressing to pick the 12 or 60 accurately.

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 to select the number on the chronograph indicator

Depending on the number of mini watches on your watch, you have to follow the given steps to set the hand on the 12 or 60. Ensure that every mini clock is set as per the requirement, or else the reset will fail.

Step 5: Push the crown back to the normal position

Put the crown back in the normal position. Press it gently and see the clock start again from the beginning. Ensure that you press the crown until it touches the watch. The hands will start turning again, and your watch reset is complete.

Can Seiko solar watches be repaired?

Yes. The Seiko solar watch can be repaired. However, you should first check the repair cost. If it is going to cost more buying the new one would be the wise decision. 

The repair work on the Seiko Solar watch covers the battery change, pin replacement, band replacement, dial refinish, case polish, movement clean, and complete restoration. 

The initial diagnosis of the watch will tell you what damage is and what can be done to repair your Seiko solar watches. 

The battery changes or replacement of the existing band will be an easy task. It can be done in a few minutes, no need to spend hours repairing the job.

If the core mechanism is damaged, then you could have to perform a complete restoration, including the battery, to get your Seiko solar watch back in action.

The cost of the repair will depend on where you get your watch repaired. If you take the watch to the Seiko service centre, it will be expensive to get your watch repaired by the experts. 

On the other hand, the local watch repair store may get this job at the lowest price. 

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