How To Reset Citizen Eco-Drive Men, Women, Promaster, e650, wr100, e820, Skyhawk, wr200?

Who doesn’t like wearing watches, huh? Especially if it’s a watch from the renowned brand Citizen. With the brand offering so many designs, varieties, for everyone, that without costing too much, everyone has one.

Perhaps you also own a Citizen watch. With the sleek style, the watch gives you, it’s hard not to wear it regularly. And the best part is, Citizen watches can go with any look or party!

Solar Inverter
Solar Inverter

Now, this may all sound thrilling, but it all comes down to multiple questions. If you own one Citizen, what does it require for you to reset a Citizen eco-drive? Which by far, is one of the most stylish yet comfortable models made by Citizen.

Keep reading this article, as we find out.

How To Reset Eco-drive Men’s Solar Watch?

Citizen Eco-driveOpens in a new tab. solar watches are the first watch designs by Citizen that are run by solar power. Regular watches use batteries, but Eco-drive converts solar energy into electrical energy.

There is even a specific cell built-in inside Eco-drive that stores energy received from the sun arrays. The extraordinary quality of the cell prevents it from functioning any less than a regular watch.

Here’s how you can reset a Citizen Eco-drive solar watch, step by step:

  • Bring the crown out first
  • Set the crown according to your aspired time
  • Keep the crown just like that for 30 seconds
  • Keep turning the crown until you see your desired date
  • Scroll the crown in order to set the date, you can turn it clockwise or counterclockwise
  • Push back the crown to its  starting position

The reset system in the Eco-drive solar watches fluctuates from model to model. Although, in most cases, it’s the same.

Citizen watches are known for is having one of the strongest and longest battery system. Even though Eco-drive watches are run by sunlight, a single watch is fully charged and goes up to 45 days or even 5 years!

However, sometimes you may notice the watch not charging. This happens mostly because, well you guessed it, the watch isn’t getting enough light. If it’s a rainy day or a cold winter night, your watch most probably won’t be charging.

You can’t really do much to prevent this from happening, after all, you can’t control the weather. Nevertheless, you can still be exposed to bright sunlight oftentimes. Eco-drive watches don’t require you to go outside and be charged every day, one charge can last up to one and a half month-long or even years.

How To Reset Eco-drive Women’s Solar Watch?

The resetting process of both men’s and women’s solar watches is pretty much the same unless you have a digital model.

This is how you can reset a Citizen Eco-drive women’s solar watch. 

  • Push back the crown from the watch, unscrew it
  • Put the crown to set time
  • Leave the crown like that for 30 seconds, you can keep out more, but it’s not necessary
  • Set the date, accordingly
  • Scroll the crown to its starting position
  • Your watch is reset

Eco-drive watches don’t require a physical battery. Therefore, it can save you from the hassles of going to Citizen or third-party stores, claiming your warranty, and getting a fix. It’s a lot to process and do.

In other words, Eco-drive doesn’t require a professional fix or replacement, you can do it by yourself.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you are not using your watch, and it is inactive for a few days. You will need a factory reset or just the rest of the watch, doesn’t matter if it’s a women’s or men’s watch.

How Can You Be Sure Your Watch Is Not Faulty Or Damaged?

The first thing you should look out for is to check whether your watch is charged or not. For knowing everything, follow the instruction manual your Eco-drive came with.

If you see your watch still not working, reset your watch as discussed earlier in the article and the watch should start working. If it still doesn’t send it to your nearest Citizen Authorised store. 

Using a third-party service is highly not recommended. If you have a warranty on your watch, then why spend money on other services that won’t guarantee a fix?

How To Reset Citizen Promaster Watch?

Citizen Promaster has one of the classiest designs for Eco-drive models. Promaster watch can be charged by sunlight or artificial light if you have the resources.

After setting the time and date in the watch, make sure to use your chronograph. The high-quality design of the Promaster model makes it look so smart.

If you want to reset your Eco-drive Promaster model, make sure the chronograph is stopped manually. After this, on the right bottom of your watch, there’s a button. Press the button gently and hold it for 10 seconds, and your Promaster has a factory reset.

One of the features of the Promaster model that I personally like very much is its ability to show city names. To choose the city you live in, when the city names are flashing, use the top or bottom right buttons on the watch. 

You can use the buttons as a crown while scrolling through the cities. After that, find the city you want to be displayed or live in, and you’re all set.

How To Reset Citizen e650 Watch?

The Citizen Eco-drive e650 has to be one of the best designs of Citizen watches ever made. Powered by solar power or not. Resetting the watch means taking it back to the default settings it came from. 

The reset process of Citizen e650 is the same as others. Pull out the crown, put it to the time, leave it like that for 30 seconds. You know the deal by now.

Another thing to know is that, if you reset your Eco-drive e650, everything will be as the watch came in after the purchase. The date will be a leap year, January 1st. The time will be 0 hours, minute, and second, according to London.

How To Reset Citizen wr100?

The Citizen wr100 is another Eco-drive model, analog, and powered by sunlight. This watch is water-resistant until 330 feet, which means, unless you are going really deep in the ocean, the watch will survive. WR100’s band is made out of titanium, so the watch is pretty expensive.

For the wr100 model, the reset procedure is the same as before. So it doesn’t need to be explained much about. 

Citizen Eco-drive watches have a quick startup feature. Meaning, once the watches are exposed to proper sunlight, the eco-drivers start running within a matter of seconds. 

The moment the watches start running, it enters Time Reset Advisory Mode. This is triggered by the second hand in the watch. Charge your watch properly, you can take help from your instruction manual. Or else, the watch may stop once even if it’s in the sunlight.

Resetting Citizen Eco-Drive e820, Skyhawk & WR100

Putting the last three together because earlier in the post it has been mentioned that all Eco-drive watches have pretty much the same resetting procedure. Talking about the same thing would be a lost cause.

How Long Do Eco-drive Watches Last?

An average Citizen Eco-drive watch lasts up to 10 years. If it’s under good maintenance, then it can last for about 15-20 years too. It all depends on how much care you put into the watch.

Citizen Eco-drive watches, since it charges by sunlight, can sometimes require a repair. This is in rare cases because if your watch doesn’t have a physical regular battery, it’s basically saving you from any sort of replacement works. But still, if it requires work, Citizen always has trained employees, or you can go for the less trusted way, the third-party way.

Can You Damage Your Citizen Eco-Drive Watch With Excessive Heat?

This question is asked quite often in the Citizen watch world, the answer is yes. You can slightly damage your Eco-drive if exposed to too much heat.

This scenario doesn’t occur often. Citizen Eco-drive watches have a high heat resistance system developed. In the instruction manual, it’s given. If the heat is over 140 degrees Fahrenheit, you may face a problem.

The company also urges you to not use artificial light like a halogen or incandescent lamp, to charge the watches. If you are using other artificial lights, make sure it’s over 20 inches away from the watch.

Final Thoughts

Citizen Eco-drive watches are definitely good for the planet, as it’s using solar power. In my opinion, more companies should introduce watches that powers up by sunlight. It’s ergonomic and sustainable.

Resetting Eco-drive watches are not that hard, in fact, the resetting procedure is pretty much the same in most cases. Unless your watch model has some complex built-in arrangement.

To reset an average Eco-drive, you need to pull out your watch’s crown, take the arrow to your desired time. Keep it that way for 30 seconds, and lastly push back the crown in. This works with all the models discussed in the article.

If your watch is not charging, even being exposed to heat, your watch is probably faulty or damaged. In this case, the best option is to contact Citizen for support.

Your watch can also be damaged by excessive heat, so be careful of that. Although it happens rarely, it is a good option to know all the do’s and don’ts, as the Eco-drive watches are not the most budget-friendly watches out there.


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