Ring Solar Panel Not Charging: Easy Fixes

Suppose you purchase a solar panel & link it to your battery. The Solar Panel has not done anything when you return. Is this something you can identify with? A typical issue is that your battery is not charging correctly. The causes are many, but so are the answers.

Wrong Solar Panel Installation, Equipment Problems; Internal Battery and Faulty Battery Issues; Solar Battery Charger Issues are the most probable culprits if your solar Panel is not charging your battery correctly. Replacement of damaged equipment is the most efficient approach to remedy them.

How Do I Know If My Ring Solar Panel Is Working?

The Solar Panels On Your Ring Isn’t Charging Your Device

Why is my ring solar panel not working? The Ring Solar Panels may be plugged into the Smartphone, and the panel is in direct sunlight, but the gadget is still not charging. Ring claims that the Smartphone will only start charging when the battery level falls below 90%.Overcharging drastically reduces the lithium-ion batteries lifespan, which is why it’s dangerous.

To avoid overcharging, the panel regulator prevents the device from charging until the remaining battery goes below 90%.

“Not Connected” Is Shown In Your Ring App

When the voltage is depleted, the rings app will indicate, “not connected”. Moreover, if the solar panel is shaded, the electrolyte process will cease to function since the solar panel has not been exposed to the sun long enough (not making electricity).

Why Is My Ring Solar Panel Not Charging?

As previously said, there are several reasons why a solar panel may suddenly cease operating. Bad wiring and damaged equipment are two examples of this. The most prevalent causes are outlined below.

Defective Power Source

The battery is next. It is impossible to charge a dead battery, so don’t even attempt. Also, please do not use the Solar Panel to charge batteries that are not compatible with it. Batteries for automobile engines are one illustration of this concept. Look for signs of leaking, discolouration, budge, etc., to determine a defective battery.

Another issue occurs when you don’t recharge the battery for just an extended length of time or if it runs out of power if you leave it inactive for just an extended period. In such a situation, the Solar Panel will not be able to charge your battery directly.

Failed Setups

Your system won’t work if the solar panel, battery charger, and battery aren’t correctly installed. One standard installation error is connecting the panels directly to the batteries. Using a solar controller is strongly recommended. 

Wrong connections, faulty connections, and incorrectly connecting the positively and negatively poles are all examples of the incorrect setup. Open circuits or voltage mismatches should also be considered.

The Wrong Setup also takes into account the surroundings. Extreme weather or lack of sunshine will prevent your solar Panel from working. You won’t be able to charge your solar Panel if there are plants near it since the shadow will limit your voltage.

Due To An Issue With The Solar Charge Controller

Solar Charge Controllers have the potential to malfunction. Your battery will not be charged in this situation. Poor-quality charge controllers are often the culprits here. Damage to the Charge Regulator necessitates its replacement on occasion. 

It’s also possible that your battery will not be able to charge appropriately because of issues with your solar charge controller.

In addition, the settings on your charge controller might all be jumbled up. Do not make any unintended changes to the settings of your sophisticated interactive Solar Charge Controller.

Unsafe Or Inefficient Solar Panels

A damaged solar panel is among the most evident problems. As a result, it will not be able to charge your battery. 

If you’ve been using your solar array for a lengthy period, you will have some hot spots. Your Panel has a shadow covering part of it, as you can see if you stare at it. In addition, since the temperature in this area is higher, hotspots form. The solar module or grid line is quickly damaged, resulting in a loss of efficiency for your solar panels.

Your Panel is vulnerable to damage because of a strange pattern. As a consequence, water will leak in. Then there is the influence of the Sun. A peculiar reaction occurs within the PV cell, which might result in odd patterns on the solar Panel.

If your Panel has a damaged diode-connected directly to your batteries, the current flow will invert at night and deplete your charge. This is something to watch out for. Be on the lookout for this occurrence. You may not be aware that your solar farm is being drained.

Using a low-quality solar panel is possible if you are utilising a cheap one or one that has been around a long time. A product’s internal circuitry may fail at any moment if it is old or of poor quality. As a result, issues such as a battery that will not charge might arise when using outdated or exceptionally low-quality solar panels.

Ring Solar Panel, Status Not Connected

Sometimes, multiple approaches don’t solve the issue; for example, you may have unplugged and reconnected the device. You might have removed the battery to double-check that it was fully charged before you started using it. 

As a result, what can a homeowner do if these things do not work out for them? Some people suggest the following as a possible solution:

  • Ensure the optimal connection of your solar Panel
  • About a 20-second hold, time is required to reset the camera after previous use.
  • Wait for about a minute before pressing the button again.
  • It will restart in a few seconds.
  • Reconnecting the device to WiFi is possible after that.
  • A camera update, which might take some time, is often performed at this point. It may take a few days, but the connection status will eventually reflect the correct state.

Ring Solar Panel Not Charging In Winter

  • There are a few possibilities as to why your Ring doorbell isn’t getting power from your solar charger. Because of an obstruction or debris that prevents the light from reaching the device, it’s conceivable that your solar charger isn’t strong enough to recharge your Ring doorbell. Another possibility: A faulty solar panel might cause the problem. We recommend contacting the support staff if you believe the solar cell is malfunctioning.
  • Make sure that there are no obstacles in the way of a wire plug if the Ring video doorbell will not charge or if you’re having trouble getting your rechargeable solar Panel to set the Ring doorbell batteries. 
  • Contact customer service if you have tried everything and are still having trouble. The Rings Doorbell 2 is compatible with Ring’s Solar Panel. The Ring Photovoltaic System is an additional charging device that can only be used when linked to a 15-volt outlet by cable or wirelessly.

How Do You Reset A Solar Panel Ring?

There is nothing worse than a broken electrical device when you have just gotten your new solar array and are eager to use it to power your home’s security system like a child with a new toy.

Ring Stick-Up Camera Needs An Upgrade

In the absence of automation, updates may be tedious, and you can’t always rely on automation. Rebooting your computer will make it do an automatic update. Rebooting the Ring stick-up camera should always be done with the solar panel attached.

  • For at least 20 seconds, press and hold the restart button just on Stick Up Cam.
  • Reboot it after a full minute.
  • Waiting for it to join the WiFi when it has rebooted.
  • Connected devices will immediately be updated.

When it has finished upgrading, the solar Panel should be recognised. Remove and reinstall the Ring Sticks Up Cam with Solar Panel from your Ring application for a complete reset.

Make Certain That No Moisture or Debris Has Contact with the Devices

As a battery-powered gadget, the weather is always an issue to consider while using this one. Make sure the batteries are fully charged before installing a solar panel inside the winter, and if feasible, charge the batteries inside.

  • Verify that the solar panel is free of flaws.
  • Clear the solar Panel of any dust, grime, or debris.
  • Verify that the camera’s connection ports do not show any dampness or water.
  • Make sure that Ring Stick Up Cam’s plug is firmly attached.
  • Make sure that the power cord’s port is free of debris.

How To Fix The Ring Solar Panel Not Charging Issue?

Now you understand why these annoying issues arise. It is time to learn how to quickly and efficiently address each issue. That is precisely what we will discuss in the following section.

  • Fix For A Malfunctioning Solar Panel

If your solar Panel’s output is zero, check the wiring. Be cautious not to invert the positive and negative poles. As a result, ensure that the shadows or weather is not hampering your Panel. 

Then verify to see whether your panel specifications are accurate. The controller’s specifications for open-circuit voltage must be met. Also, avoid using solar panels that are too powerful.

Your solar panel is most likely damaged if it does not work and you cannot use it. Consider replacing old or low-quality panels with new ones if you’re still utilising the old ones. Otherwise, it is time to replace your Panel if you see any Hot Spots, Weird Patterns, or breaks.

  • Recharging A Dead Battery

A decent battery capacity is required. Make sure your battery isn’t dead before you go. A broken, ten-year-old battery will not operate. Take careful care of your battery, and avoid using low-quality ones. Also, don’t attempt to charge batteries that aren’t compatible.

Leaving your battery inactive for an extended period is a significant hazard. As a result, utilising the solar panel to recharge the battery becomes difficult. If the voltage in your battery is low, you should top it up using a current charger. It is time to get a new battery if your current one is inoperable.

  • Repairs For Damaged Or Faulty Equipment

It is strongly advised that you replace any damaged equipment, such as a charge controller, with new. If you’re confident in your abilities, you can attempt to fix it yourself, but it’s far simpler to replace the damaged parts.

Proper Instructions For Use

Using this technique, you can charge the battery using a solar panel in a matter of minutes.

Step – 1

Connect the solar charge controller to the battery. ‘ Before you do any work, disconnect the Panel. The solar charge controller must be connected to the battery while this is being done.

Step – 2

Positive and negative wires must be connected correctly. Electrical connections are made by clicking a “positive” wire to a “negative” one.

Step – 3

When the light is shining, measure the output of the solar cell. The battery’s voltage must be larger than the Panel’s voltage for the system to work.

Step – 4 

Connect any Solar Charge Controller to the Panel. Don’t muck up the good and bad sides of the equation.

Step – 5

The Solar Charge Controller’s battery and panel connection indicator must now appear.If you’re setting up your pc properly and using high-quality equipment, you should no longer have to deal with these issues. 

However, remember that this is only a how-to for a basic setup. In the case of a more complicated design, it is strongly advised that you seek the services of an experienced electrician for system diagnosis.

Make sure that the solar panel is not being obstructed by trees or other obstructions as well this arrangement. And the weather should be good as well.

Troubleshoot A Solar Charge Controller

What happens to your battery’s charge when your solar Panel shows anything like an issue with the moon error signal or a zero-power display? Solar charge controllers may be easily reset to address this problem.

Resetting the device, as is the case with other electrical devices, is an easy and effective solution. If the solar Panel is not charging the battery, it only takes a restart. Resets come in two flavours. Before tackling the difficult one, begin with the easier one.

A soft restart is a straightforward procedure that requires no special tools. Restart the charging controller by pressing the reset button. Some models need you to hit the power and reset buttons simultaneously, while others require you to push all four buttons simultaneously. Its display panel will flash and flicker. 

However, it will revert to the same screen in a short period. Restarting your phone is essentially the same thing.

Disconnecting the system is the essence of a Hard Reset. If you are going to try it, do it at night. Remove the battery, and then remove the Panel. Keeping track of the sequence in which you removed the wires is essential. 

Between 2 and 10 minutes is about right. There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Make sure to reattach the cables in the same sequence as they were taken out.

A simple soft reset would usually be enough. If it does not work, try doing a factory reset. Do not forget to reset the Solar Charge Controller if your solar Panel isn’t charging the battery.


This Ring Solar Array is among the most straightforward intelligent camera setups, making resolving any faults a breeze. Please do not hesitate to call Ring Support if everything else fails.

You will most likely get a replacement solar panel if you have a problem with your Ring Solar Panel while it is under warranty.

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