How to set Seiko radio sync solar watch?

Seiko Radio Sync solar watch adjust the time and date automatically. To set the Seiko watch in manual mode, first, unscrew the crown. Pull the crown two stages farther. Now you can set the time of the main dial. If you push the crown to the first stage, you can set the sub-dial. 

What does radio sync solar mean?

Radio sync solar is the new technology used by the modern watch manufacturer. The watch has a Radio signal receiver build in it, which interact with the particular radio channel. 

Solar Inverter
Solar Inverter

These radio channels sent the information to the connected watches and updated the time and data automatically every day. 

The watch precisely adjusts the time and calendar, giving you up to date time sync to all the solar chronograph powered watches in the world. 

It is supported by the Radio signals that travel at light speed. Any change in the time is reflected instantaneously to your watch. 

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Moreover, the users control the manual signal receiver and optimize the time zone according to the need. The manual operation will allow you to set the preferred time in your watch. 

The watch is designed to receive official standard radio signals from different countries. It supports the Radio signals received from the USA, Germany, China, Japan and UK. 

All these countries are connected through 2 separate transmitting stations. You can set your preferable transmitting station for receiving the radio signals in the world time function. 

What are the features of the Seiko Radio sync solar watch?

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The radio wave movement in the watch allows the watch to sync the time all across the globe. It sets the time in all Seiko watches powered by the Radio sync solar watches with high precision. 

The watches are capable of receiving the signals from the atomic clocks. It can cover the wider geography in interacting with the radio signal, and the objective of the watch to offer accurate time to the person wearing the Seiko watch. 

The system works autonomously without needing human interaction to set the time. When the condition allows, the watch synchronizes the time automatically three times a day. 

The watch offers you a manual setting to set time and date. Just press the button, and the watch will start gathering the information from the nearby radio signal and set the accurate time. 

Seiko is known for delivering high-quality watches that are accurate and reliable. The watch movement excels when it is connected to solar power. You do not have to charge the battery or replace it. It is charged by solar power. 

The battery never needs replacement or change. If we talk about precision, like the Seiko, the watch loses one second every 100,000 years. The internal calendar is set to run for the next 100 years without touching the reset button. 

The watch is designed to reduce the time it takes to adjust the time and date. It performs the common task autonomously, giving you an edge over the regular watches.

How to set Seiko radio sync solar watch?

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The Seiko watch comes with auto-syncing of the current time and date using the Radio signals received from the two regional channels. The watch adjust the time accurately based on your region. 

However, if you want to manually set the time and date in your Seiko radio sync solar watch, there is a simple way to do it.

Unlike any other watch found in the store, the Seiko watch also comes with a button on the watch’s right side. The crown is used to set the time of the main dial and sub-dial section. 

When you want to change the main dial, which is the time function, pull the crows outside gently. 

Remember that there will be two levels in the crown. The first level is used for the sub-dial system. The second level is for the primary dial system. 

Once the crown is set to the main dial, move the crown clockwise to set the preferred time. After that, push the crown to level one and start moving the crown again to set the sub-dial system.

To set the date in the watch manually, press the left side button. The left button starts the auto changing the date. Hold the button until you reach the desired date and tap the button again when the date is arrived to stop the calendar. 

Once both time and date are set, press the crown to the normal position. Ensure that you screw the crown properly. If it is not fixed correctly, the water can enter the watch, and your watch will no longer be water-resistant. 

Using this method, you can set the time and date in your Seiko watches manually. The Seiko adjust the time automatically no matter where you are available in the world. 

The only condition is the watch should be in the range of the Radio signal. If the radio signal not able to reach the watch, it will not perform the task. 


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