Why did my Seiko solar watch stop?

Having a Seiko solar watch lets you provide an incredible experience. Yet, this watch not only helps you to show your time but also you can have it as a fashion accessory.

A long time ago, most people didn’t like its solar panel design as it would ruin the beauty of the watch. However, times have changed and the quartz watch is at the top of the list of people’s favorites.

Although smartwatches dominate the watch market in this modern era, when you look at the battery side of the watch, the solar one is definitely in a superior position to the smartwatch.

Well, despite being a well-built watch, sometimes, you may experience that your Seiko solar watch just stops ticking itself.

Here comes the problem as you can’t see the time. And also you may want to know why your Seiko watch stopped working and how you can fix it.

So, in this article, I will explain the possible reasons with solutions that stop your watch from ticking.

Why did the Seiko solar watch stop working?

So, if you experience that your Seiko solar watch stops working, there must be some reasons behind it. Well, while sorting out, I have found the five most common reasons that let your Seiko watch stop ticking.

Here, one thing I would like to mention is that there are also other reasons besides these. But, as I said before I will only highlight and discuss the top reasons today. So, if you find some other problems, don’t just get stuck into them.

All right, come to the point then after an incise research I have sorted the following problems. And also, here, I have put their possible solution on how you can fix the problem if you encounter it. So, you can quickly take action and fix your watch.

1.  Lack of adequate light to charge the battery of the watch.

If you face that your Seiko watch stops working, this might be because of a lack of adequate light. Due to the unavailability of sufficient light, your watch doesn’t charge properly.

Therefore, if you want your watch to run well without stopping, you should charge it for at least one hour every week. This one-hour charging keeps your watch alive for a quite long time on sunny days.

Yet, if you live in an area where the sun is very rare, your watch might needed to be charged once more.

Moreover, if you’re too busy with your office job activities, the chances of getting adequate natural light are very low. In this case, you have no choice but to rely on artificial light.

But, here, the thing is that, if you want to fully charge your Seiko solar watch, natural light is an obvious thing because, artificial light is 90% less effective in charging the solar watch.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if the day is cloudy, charging your solar watch with natural light is far better than charging with artificial light.

Well, for your Seiko solar watch, if it jumps giving only a two-second interval, it indicates that the battery charge decreases to an extremely low level. So, in that case, you need to charge your watch before it stops ticking completely ( how to charge your dead Eco-Drive watch)

However, if the second hand just stopped at the 15 or 45-second position, this indicates that your watch wasn’t exposed to an adequate light source in at least 72 hours. Therefore, recharging your watch during the moment is necessary so you can prevent your watch from stopping.

2.  Battery change interval

Another significant reason that can stop your watch from running is that your Seiko watch battery loses its energy storage capacity.

Usually, it is said that the Seiko solar watch rechargeable battery lasts well for up to 10 years and can save energy.

Therefore, after 10 years, this watch gradually loses its power reserve. So, the Seiko solar watch manufacturer recommends to change the rechargeable battery every 10 years. Thus, it can perform best and protect the watch from being stopped suddenly.

3.  Lack of servicing of the watch

Your Seiko watch may be stopped if it is not serviced for a long time (how long does a Seiko solar watch last?). Due to lack of service, you may notice that your watch is slowly going down. Hence, the mechanical parts of your Seiko solar watch in the movement require a new lubricating layer.

So, if you didn’t provide occasional servicing to your solar watch, the moving mechanical parts in your watch will be damaged.

Therefore, you may experience a sudden stop in your Seiko solar watch.

To prevent these damages, I would recommend you to have your watch occasionally serviced with an interval of 3-5 years. By doing so, you can prevent your watch from being stopped.

4.  Having an obsolete and damaged battery

One of the most important reasons that keep your watch stopping is that you have an obsolete and also damaged battery (can a Seiko solar watch rechargeable battery be replaced?).

Usually, the battery of your Seiko solar watch will be damaged if there is any battery leakage. Well, you can check for battery leakage by going outside and charging the watch.

If it leaks and is damaged, your solar watch will stop working just by going indoors. So, if you notice that powdery battery acid is coming out from your Seiko watch, you should definitely go to a watchmaker without wasting time.

5.  Breaking down the water-resistance of the watch

Your Seiko solar watch is also going to stop if the water resistance ability breaks down. Having the water resistance ability doesn’t mean that your watch is water-proof.

Besides, you may know that the silicon gaskets make your Seiko solar watch water-resistant. So, if somehow these silicon gaskets in different parts of the watch get damaged, there is a possibility of water penetration into the watch.

Moreover, as the Seiko solar watch is manufactured electronically if the water gets inside the watch, it will keep stopping suddenly.

So to prevent these issues, you should always service your watch every now and then. And also, you need to ensure that you aren’t ignoring the servicing of your Seiko solar watch (Seiko solar watch lifespan).

Final verdict                                                                               

Solar technology has brought massive design changes to solar watches and Seiko solar watch is one of them.

However, like the other solar watches, this one also shares a few common reasons that force the watch to stop while working.

So to let you know and also make you aware, in this article, I have provided the top 5 reasons that help your watch keep stopping. Yet, I have also shared the solutions so you can protect your Seiko solar watch if you ever have to face those issues.

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